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Tucker Carlson Reveals Explosive Claims of Troops Dying from UFO Encounters, Military Responds

Fox News' Tucker Carlson recently made shocking claims about the United States military and their involvement with unidentified flying objects (UFOs). During a podcast appearance, Carlson shared a conversation he had with a Stanford professor, who claimed to have studied more than 100 cases of troops dying due to traumatic brain injuries inflicted by encounters with UFOs. Although the military has denied these claims, the topic of UFOs and their potential impact on national security continues to spark debate among experts and officials alike.


Tucker Carlson, the host of the popular Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” recently made some interesting claims regarding the United States military and their involvement with UFOs. During a recent appearance on the “Full Send” podcast, Carlson recounted a conversation he had with a Stanford professor who, according to Carlson, had been tasked by the Defense Department over a decade ago to investigate cases of troops dying due to UFO-inflicted brain injuries.

A professor who specializes in traumatic brain injury

The professor, who specializes in traumatic brain injury, allegedly studied the brains of more than 100 troops who died following such encounters. He also claimed that there are dozens of open court cases that support his findings.

Carlson revealed on the podcast that, in some cases, these UFOs have landed on military bases, and servicemen have approached them, resulting in traumatic brain injury or even death. Carlson expressed his surprise that these incidents have not been widely reported by the media.

However, the United States military has denied these claims. According to a Defense Department spokesperson, Susan Gough, “That story is false.” The Pentagon declined to comment further on the issue.


Alien vessels in the solar system?

Despite the military’s denial, the topic of UFOs has become increasingly relevant among military officials in recent months. Just last week, Sean Kirkpatrick, the head of the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, drafted a report that suggested alien vessels could be sending out search probes throughout our solar system.

The research paper, co-authored by Abraham Loeb, the chairman of Harvard University’s astronomy department, was titled “Physical Constraints on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.” It was published after several weeks of increased reporting on unidentified aerial phenomena following a Chinese spy balloon traversing U.S. airspace.

The UFO topic

The topic of UFOs has always been a controversial one, and the military’s denial of these claims is not surprising. However, as more information is uncovered and further investigations take place, it remains to be seen what kind of impact this will have on the military and the public at large.


The claims made by Carlson regarding the Defense Department and their involvement with UFOs have been denied by the military, as per the Military Times. Nonetheless, the topic of UFOs has become increasingly relevant in recent months, and as more information comes to light, it is likely to remain a hot topic for some time to come.

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