An aerial view of what many believe is the location of Noah's Ark. Depositphotos.

Turkish Scientist to Survey Mount Ararat in Search of Noah’s Ark

It is believed that the remnants of Noah's Ark are located somewhere on Mount Ararat in Turkey.


A Turkish team of scientists involving experts from the Istanbul Technical University and the Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University is ready to perform archeological excavations on Mount Ararat, a site where the remnants of Noah’s ark are believed to sit. This is the largest such project in years. Researchers have already taken a series of soil samples and rock fragments that have been sent for further examination to laboratories. The results of the analysis will be ready in a few months. Then, based on the lab results, experts are expected to draw up a roadmap for further studies.

The alleged ruins were found by survey engineer İlhan Durupınar on September 11, 1959. Since then, the area has become a popular tourist attraction that welcomes domestic and foreign tourists. It is noteworthy that, in 2018, a scientific group involving experts from China visited the site and claimed to have made several discoveries. The scientists were believed to have discovered a cave and various artifacts they believe belonged to Noah’s Ark. But given the immense historical value, their claims were taken with a pinch of salt, and not everyone seems convinced the remains of Noah’s Ark sit on Mount Ararat. Based on the discoveries from 2018, they opened a museum of Noah’s Ark in Hong Kong. The museum has welcomed over seven million people.

However, even before Chinese experts surveyed the site in 2018, European experts were interested in Mount Ararat as the potential site where the Ark is located. In 1829, Johann Jacob Friedrich Wilhelm Parrot climbed the mountain to search for the remnants of the Ark. Now, scientists want to pick up studies and solve the mysteries surrounding the site. As revealed by Hurriyet, they aim to reveal the site’s potential and turn the place into a faith tourism center. The Great Flood is a story that has been mentioned in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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