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Video Apparently Shows UFO Trying to Communicate Via Morse Code

A video shows a UFO hovering in the sky and flashing lights. The event, recorded by multiple witnesses, is said to have been an attempt of communication via Morse Code.


A UFO sighting that took place over the capital city of Bolivia, La Paz, has people debating whether or not alien beings are trying to communicate with us. The witnesses recorded a mysterious light in the sky that was flickering on and off. This display of lights has led some to believe that the enigmatic object was attempting to communicate with people via Morse Code.

UFO using Morse code?

Using Morse code, text characters can be encoded as standardized sequences of dots and dashes in telecommunications, called dits and dahs. Morse code is named in honor of Samuel Morse, one of the inventors of the telegraph. In addition to electrical pulses, analogous mechanical or visual signals, such as flashing lights, transmit code information. During the 1830s, American artist and inventor Samuel F.B. Morse invented one such system for electrical telegraphy.

According to witnesses, the sighting over La Paz was an attempt to communicate. Witnesses stated that the object, which bystanders say was not a helicopter or airplane, emitted a very powerful and flickering light that they compared to a Morse code.

And if aliens did try to communicate with humans, would they have chosen the Morse code as one such path? The Morse Code is indeed very versatile, but would an average person know to understand the message?

“It was a light that flickered all the time, but it was too strong, too intense,” one person commented in a video posted on Youtube by Al Rojo Vivo. Another witness who saw the flickering lights in the area added, “it seemed that he was blinking or trying to communicate by Morse code.”


The sighting over the city’s skies lasted for five minutes, enough time to be recorded from different angles by various shocked bystanders.

Local ufologists are currently analyzing these recordings for messages.

However, those who recorded the encounter also felt a call to see this light, as if the object was reaching out to them.

“It’s like something told me, ‘Look outside,'” one woman pointed out in the video.

Many of the witnesses are now looking for a way to communicate with these UFOs, either by Morse code using lights or even meditation. How they will communicate with “UFOs” via meditation is still unclear. However, some believe these beings have telepathic capabilities and can even speak with us through the mind. Why they would need Morse code to talk to us remains a mystery. Ufo sightings have become ever-popular, with people worldwide reporting strange lights or mysterious craft in the sky.


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