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UFO Encounter Over Oklahoma Baffles Airliner Crew

“...please be on the lookout for any strange activity you see in the area, and if so report back to us. We’ve got dispatches from several pilots about UFO-like objects flying around in the surrounding areas.”


The UFO phenomenon continues to make headlines across the globe. And UFO sightings are increasing. We now have reports of an unidentified flying object seen by airliners over Oklahoma. According to the Liberation Times, an unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) caused the crew aboard one of the flights to feel “scared, speechless and shocked.” The encounter took place over Oklahoma/Kansas on October 2, 2022. Discovery+ host Ben Hansen obtained recordings of a Delta flight speaking to Kansas City Air Traffic Control (ATC). The sighting occurred in the early hours of the morning. In the recording, we hear a pilot describe a very bright light in the sky. The light fades and then brightness again. The pilot mentions the UFO had been doing this for 15 minutes. The crew could not tell whether this was air traffic or not.

Over Kansas

The unknown traffic was initially thought to be connected to possible military activity at Warrensburg, Missouri, where Whiteman Air Force Base is located. This is a base where where nuclear weapons are stored. However, ATC quickly dismissed this theory, stating that the base would be located at the pilot’s 5 o’clock, not at 10 o’clock. According to the Delta flight, the object was not moving, suggesting that the light followed in the same direction as it. “It’s always at 10 o’clock, and it hasn’t moved. I can’t tell you the distance, but it gets really bright and dims out to nothing.” According to witnesses, the UFO was north of the plane reporting the light, so it was probably over Kansas, just across the border from Oklahoma.


Strange activity

As ATC could not identify the traffic, a flight crew also reported it was “much higher,” perhaps outside radar range. An Airbus 320 is reported by ATC to be 80 miles away at 10 o’clock, but the Delta pilot seemed to dismiss this possibility, responding: “Unless they’re doing 360s with their lights on, I don’t know what else it is.” While strange events unfolded on the plane, a stewardess was in the cabin. In an interview with the Liberation Times, a person on condition of anonymity said: “The flight officer who responded to the transmission over the radio just repeated what Air Traffic Control told him, “please be on the lookout for any strange activity you see in the area, and if so report back to us. We’ve got dispatches from several pilots about UFO-like objects flying around in the surrounding areas.”

Pilots talking

“The flight officer responded “copy” once the pilot came back from his break the flight officer repeated the transmission, the pilot kind of disregarded the message so I asked “do you believe in that type of thing?” He replied that he did not, I asked the flight officer the same, and he replied: “yea, there’s definitely something else out here with us, plenty of pilots have witnessed it and I come from a military background so I’ve always known about it.” The encounter is the latest of several reported by Ben Hansen. It comes not long after a Senate Intelligence Committee report noted that ‘transmedium threats to United States national security are expanding exponentially.’

Time to act

During the June 2021 preliminary assessment of the UAP, 11 near misses between aviators and unknown objects were reported as threats to flight safety and, possibly, national security. The report, however, only addresses military flight safety, not commercial flight safety, which might jeopardize passenger and crew safety. In an interview with Liberation Times, Ryan Graves, former naval aviator and co-chair of the AIAA’s community of interest on unidentified aerospace phenomena, discussed flight safety issues on commercial flights. According to Graves, airlines shouldn’t wait until science has settled on the origin of any particular UAP case. Efforts can be made now to reduce the uncertainty among aircrews through data collection and safety measures.


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