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UFO or not?

Mystery Sphere Falls from the Sky, Gets Recovered By “Highly Trained Personnel”

An illustration of a sphere-like UFO. Depositphotos.

Those who saw it fall said it "emitted a sound, but no fire."

Things seem to keep falling from the sky.

(The featured image is just an illustration, you can find images of the object below).

In Veracruz, Mexico, a mysterious metal object bearing a secret code perhaps fell from the sky just before midnight Sunday night, causing a firestorm of intrigue on social media. Mexican Navy officials were called to study the orb by meteorologist Isidro Cano Luna.

The famous television meteorologist for his saying that “weather is also news,” reported in a Facebook post that a “metallic sphere” fell on top of a tree at 10 p.m. in Lomas del Río Medio neighborhood in Veracruz, a city of 600,000 people, on the Gulf of Mexico in the southeast corner of the country.

In fact, Luna described the strange vent in a series of three Facebook posts.

Luna speculated that the enigmatic sphere, which somehow remained atop the tree despite falling from the sky, “appeared to be composed of a very durable plastic or an alloy made of several metals, and apparently has an antenna…”

He later posted an update saying that the sphere was actually composed of seven different alloys.

Those who saw it fall said it “emitted a sound, but no fire.” He speculated that it could be part of the Chinese rocket that crashed over the weekend.

He advised people not to get too close to it and not touch it.

“Personal suggestion, do not touch it or get close to it until specialists review it; it may be radioactive,” the meteorologist wrote.

The “weather man” followed up on social media, saying that the sphere should not be opened and how the Mexican Navy should retrieve it.

“Following up on the metallic sphere that fell on top of a tree, it should not be opened or tried to be opened,” Luna wrote on Facebook.

“A specialized team at the secretary of the Navy of Mexico and/or the secretary of national defense needs to collect it and turn it in for special study.”

He also explained that the sphere was not unmarked and had a code written on its outside.

“On the exterior of the sphere, there is a code, but there is no hole through which the sphere can be opened,” Luna wrote in a Facebook post.

“These spheres have a timing mechanism that, at a certain time, the open by themselves and show the valuable information they contain.”

As expected, the Facebook post became very popular very fast and was shared on the social media platform thousands of times, reaching millions of people.

Despite this fact, no one has been able to explain what the sphere is and where it came from.

Although the alien theory is certainly at play, the sphere is likely a human-made object. Recently, it is not surprising to see stuff falling from the sky.

Various parts of Australia were hit by debris from SpaceX’s Dragon capsule; parts of Malaysia were also hit by debris from a Chinese spacecraft. It has been speculated that it could be a weather balloon, a spacecraft, or it could simply be a piece of junk. Last but not least, some have joked that it is just swamp gas.

In a later post regarding the sphere, Luna told his followers that the object had been retrieved and was heading towards its final destination, outside of Mexico.

“The object is no longer in the state of Veracruz, and its final destination will be beyond our borders.”

Luna revealed that the sphere was retrieved by “highly trained personnel, and with specialized equipment…”

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