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Are UFOs “Testing” Navy Pilots and Our Capabilities?

Bill Maher, host of Real Time with Bill Maher, interviewed David Duchovny, remembered, among other things, for the epic X-Files series, and spoke out about UFOs and the reason why they are here on Earth.


While interviewing actor David Duchovny, remembered, among other things, for the epic X-Files series, Bill Maher took the opportunity to talk about the UFO issue and the recent sightings by the Navy.

The UFO subject is a hot one.


Never before have people been so interested in the UFO phenomenon as they are today.

People speak about UFOs during a coffee break, hear about them on the radio, and see info about them on the television.

The Pentagon renamed its UFO hunting office and recently included the “transmedium” UFOs in its study.

NASA is investigating where these objects come from, and they are using all tools at their disposal to do so.

All in all, it seems that UFOs went from a popular conspiracy theory to a widespread yet severe subject worthy of the most rigorous scientific study in no time.

And many people are convinced.

They are convinced that there is something strange about UFOs.


While most UFO sightings are likely explained as natural phenomena, drones, or military activity, some UFO sightings go beyond this scope.

Some UFOs are indeed unidentified and display characteristics that are far from what human-made technology can achieve.

Take, for example, the stunning UFO video of an object that was filmed by a US Navy warship.

We see an object that is flying in the air, which then goes to dive into the ocean, enters it, and does so without a splash.

The Navy is even said to have sent out a recovery mission to try and identify the object but found nothing, no debris, and no remnants of the craft.

Real Time with Bill Maher

Bill Maher, host of Real Time with Bill Maher, admitted on the show that he believes UFOs are aliens. He explained that they have frequently been discovered near nuclear facilities, warships, and fighter pilots.

According to Maher, there is a reason for this. Maher believes UFOs are “testing” Navy pilots.

“They are doing reconnaissance.” As if to say to themselves, “These are the people we can take on, so let’s see what they’re capable of.”

Maher explained this is why they show themselves to Navy pilots so much.


And although in the UFO community, some agree with this statement, the truth is that the criticism over the decades seems to suggest a neutral to benevolent attitude on the part of UFOs and their crews.

Because of this, many researchers think that instead of testing our defenses against future attacks, they are trying to warn or persuade humanity not to destroy itself.

Others, with a certain dose of conspiracy, speculate that these latest public revelations on the subject could point to a Pentagon plan to concoct a false alien invasion.

On the other hand, Duchovny joked about aliens and their reason for coming to Earth, saying that aliens probably put their criminal offenders on spaceships and sent them out into space.

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