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US Allegedly Recovered UFO Capable of Warping Space-Time: Claims Emerge

"...described a purported recovery operation of a saucer about thirty feet in diameter, partially lodged in the earth. The craft exhibited astounding characteristics..."


The US Allegedly Recovered UFO Capable of Warping Space-Time: Claims Emerge

As debate rages over former senior Air Force intelligence officer David Grusch’s assertion that the US has “preserved intact UFOs,” another whistleblower has stepped forward to support and enhance the claim.

Attorney Daniel Sheehan, renowned for representing UFO whistleblowers before Congress (including Grusch), has now presented a new allegation on behalf of an individual claiming to have recovered non-human spacecraft for the government. Sheehan has told the Senate Intelligence Committee that one such spacecraft, allegedly in US custody, is capable of distorting space-time, indicating a potential government cover-up regarding extraterrestrial encounters.

A UFO Capable of Warping Space-Time?

Speaking to DailyMail, Sheehan described a purported recovery operation of a saucer about thirty feet in diameter, partially lodged in the earth. The craft exhibited astounding characteristics, according to Sheehan. “A bulldozer was attempted to extricate it, and it assumed a cake slice shape, suggestive of its construction,” Sheehan claimed.

“They immediately halted the extraction after it was dislodged a few meters to preserve the machine’s integrity,” he continued. As per Sheehan, “someone was directed to enter the craft,” leading to an enormous surprise. “Upon entering, the man discovered an interior as vast as a football stadium.”


“The man was petrified and began to feel unwell due to the disorienting enormity of the interior, despite the craft’s external diameter not exceeding 10 meters,” he added. Sheehan further claimed that time, not just space, was distorted around the craft. “The man exited the ship four hours later, although, to him, only minutes had passed.”

Theoretical Physics in Play

Physicists have hypothesized that the propulsion of an advanced spacecraft may require warping the surrounding space-time to negate gravity. Sheehan, however, declined to provide additional details, including the incident’s location and date, citing a lack of corroborating evidence. Would advanced extraterrestrials have mastered the art of warping space-time in their UFOs? They probably would have, if they are capable of traveling such vast distances.

The absence of specifics, documents, and photographs has led skeptics to reject these stories of extraterrestrial UFOs concealed by covert government programs. Meanwhile, the Defense Department announced it had “unearthed no verifiable information” to support these whistleblower claims.


A New Front for a Veteran Attorney

Yet, some are backing these assertions, including Jim Shell, the former head scientist at the Air Force Space Command’s Center for Space Innovation and Development. Sheehan, with a legal career spanning classified material disputes, including the 1971 Pentagon Papers and 1972 Watergate break-in, has recently turned his attention to UFOs, working closely with whistleblowers to dismantle government secrecy on the matter. Did the US really recover a UFO capable of warping-space time? We can’t say for sure at this time, but with all the fantastic revelations made in recent months, I guess that time will tell.

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