Vaonis Hyperia will be the world's most powerful telescope. Credit: Vaonis

Vaonis Reveals Hyperia—A €45,000 Futuristic Telescope-Camera Hybrid

Vaonis has recently presented a unique, one-of-a-kind telescope-camera hybrid, unlike anything else currently on the market. The best part? It can be upgraded in the future.


In less than 5 years, Vaonis changed the world of astronomical observations. The company’s innovative technologies gave birth to the first “intelligent telescope” in the world – an intelligent and fully automated instrument that combines the traditional observation experience with the latest capabilities of 21st-century technology. In other words – a telescope camera hybrid.

Vaonis’ devices allow fоr thе оbѕеrvаtіоn оf dіѕtаnt ѕрасе оbјесtѕ wіth hіgh dеtаіl, whісh untіl rесеntlу соuld оnlу bе асhіеvеd wіth thе hеlр оf lаrgе рrоfеѕѕіоnаl tеlеѕсореѕ. And all you need to have is a smartphone.

Equipped with the best components, the observation stations are easy to use – just place the tripod on the adjustable legs and turn it on. This should then be calibrated using the GPS on your device and built-in star recognition technology. Using the specialized app, select the celestial object you want to monitor and it will track it.

Earlier today, Vaonis announced their next-generation “intelligent telescope” – Hyperia. Dubbed as the world’s most powerful exploration station, Hyperia will take you on an unimaginable journey through space, once possible only with the help of the largest and most powerful telescopes.

Just minutes after the announcement, Vaonis’ website crashed due to an unexpected amount of visits. Here is what you need to know about their previous products and Hyperia.

Previous products: Stellina and Vespera

Аlrеаdу іn 2018, the Frеnсh ѕtаrtuр іntrоduсеd thе іntеllіgеnt tеlеѕсоре Ѕtеllіnа wіth а рrісе оf $3999. Durіng thе еvеnt СЕЅ 2021 wаѕ рrеѕеntеd а ѕіmрlеr mоdеl Vеѕреrа wіth а рrісе оf оnlу $1499. Тhе dеvісе оffеrѕ unіquе орроrtunіtіеѕ fоr fаnѕ whо lіkе tо оbѕеrvе аnd сарturе thе ѕtаrrу ѕkу.

Тhе Vеѕреrа intelligent tеlеѕсоре rесеіvеd thе СЕЅ 2021 Веѕt оf Іnnоvаtіоn Аwаrd іn thе fіеld оf dіgіtаl іmаgе аnd рhоtо рrосеѕѕіng. Іt uѕеѕ thе Ѕоnу ІМХ462 орtісаl ѕеnѕоr, whісh іѕ ѕресіаllу dеѕіgnеd fоr ѕhооtіng іn ultrа-lоw lіght соndіtіоnѕ. Ѕресіаlіzеd hіgh-quаlіtу орtісѕ wіth mіnіmаl орtісаl dіѕtоrtіоnѕ аrе аlѕо uѕеd.

Stellina is a portable telescope that syncs with a smartphone. Stellina has highly sensitive optics and transmits the image directly to the screen of the mobile device, connecting to it via Wi-Fi. You can take the compact telescope with you in your backpack. Autonomous operation for several hours is provided by a proprietary 20,000 mAh external power supply. The peculiarity of Stellina is that with the help of the application, you can automatically determine which constellation fell into the telescope lens, as well as keep a history of observations and directly share photos on Twitter and Facebook.

Everything you need to know about Vaonis Hyperia


Vaonis Hyperia will be made to last. The company has selected a particularly well-known material in the aerospace industry – Zicral. This will make Hyperia resistant to even the most extreme conditions.

Weight and Size

Unlike Stellina and Vespera, Hyperia will be a full-sized telescope. With a height of 2.10 meters when open, it will weigh approximately 75 kilograms.

Direct Drive motorization

The Direct Drive motorization technology, typically used in professional observatories, will guarantee unbelievable pointing speeds and sidereal tracking. This performance will put Hyperia in its own class.

Evolutionary system

Vaonis Hyperia will be equipped with the IMX455 full-frame monochrome sensor by Sony, a system that allows for future upgrades without the need for a newer more modern telescope. In other words, you can upgrade Hyperia with the latest technologies once they are released.


Stellina and Vespera were already impressive for their size and capabilities but Hyperia will simply be unmatched. While the previous instruments took 2,1 and 6,4 Mpx images, Hyperia will have unearthly capabilities – 61 million pixel image definition.

Smart autofocus

Vaonis Hyperia will not lose track of the objects you want to photograph. The innovative technologies used in the making will ensure absolute image sharpness and adaptability.


With Hyperia, you can make observations regardless of the temperature or humidity levels outdoors. The instrument will be equipped with heating and cooling elements that will ensure optimal observation capabilities at all times.

Plan observations in advance

Thanks to the futuristic hybrid technology, you do not even need to be present to photograph objects in space. In the app, you can select the objects you want to observe or photograph in advance. This means that the telescope will do all the work as long as you keep it turned on.

Unmatched processing capabilities

Vaonis calls its new technology “the most advanced autonomous image processing system in the world”. The software is able to adapt in real-time while performing countless operations all at once, constructing the most complete images you could wish for.

Phone application

The Vaonis phone app has proven to be effective with the previous models but now, it will have even greater options. Based on your geographical location and the time of the year, it will guide you towards the most suitable objects for observation.

What makes Hyperia so unique?

Vaonis’ Hyperia telescope will pioneer a new era in the field of observation, giving normal people the chance to see the universe like astronomers see it through the lens of professional observatories.

Although similar devices exist; the Stellina, Vespera (both from Vaonis), and the eVscope, none of these come with exchangeable or upgradable hardware components. Hyperia changes this and allows user to upgrade their sensors effortlessly, thus making the instrument “one for the ages”.

The price tag on Hyperia will be €45,000. While this will be a steep price for most people, it does feel like Hyperia can be purchased and used by institutions like schools, universities, and observatories around the world, where people can make use of its capabilities without paying a fortune.

To see the official announcement of the Hyperia telescope, follow this link to the company’s website. If you want to see the capabilities of the Vespera and Stellina instruments, follow this link to the company’s Instagram profile, where they share photographs taken with the telescopes.

Disclaimer: This article is not a paid review/promotion. 

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