Video: From 2019 to the End of Time, Here’s What the End of the Universe Will be Like

The stunning video available in 4K, takes us on a journey to the end of time, trillions of years into the future, to discover what the fate of our planet and our universe may ultimately be.

How’s it all gonna’ end? This video takes us on a journey to the end of time, trillions of years into the future, to discover what the fate of our planet and our universe may ultimately be.

From the end of days of our sun, through the geological processes the Earth will face, this stunning video takes viewers through zombie galaxies and alternative universes to the final destination of the universe.

“Let’s take a trip to the end of time”, is an invitation from John D. Boswell, a musician, amateur scientist, and space lover in a new and impressive video entitled ‘Timelapse: A Journey to the End of Time‘. The stunning footage shows us the evolution of the universe until the disappearance of the last black hole.

Image Credit: melodysheep / Youtube.
Image Credit: melodysheep / Youtube.

A stunning 4K video showing the end of the universe

The video, available in 4K, lasts approximately half an hour and has already achieved more than 2.8 million views on YouTube.

“We start in 2019 and travel exponentially through time, witnessing the future of Earth, the death of the sun, the end of all stars, proton decay, zombie galaxies, possible future civilizations, exploding black holes, the effects of dark energy, alternate universes, the final fate of the cosmos – to name a few,” writes Boswell on YouTube.

The video features the voices of David Attenborough, Craig Childs, Brian Cox, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Michelle Thaller, Lawrence Krauss, Michio Kaku, Mike Rowe, Phil Plait, Janna Levin, Stephen Hawking, Sean Carroll, Alex Filippenko, and Martin Rees.

The stunning mini-documentary portrays a picture of the inevitable future, our planet, the solar system, galaxy, and universe face, as painted by modern science.

The picture will surely evolve over time as mankind makes progress and explores new clues on how the story unfolds.

“Although the end will eventually come, we have a practical infinity of time to play with if we play our cards right. The future may look bleak, but we have enormous potential as a species,” writes Boswell.

The video creator decided to imagine and show us what the future will be like and how the universe will find its end. He did so with stunning visualizations that help us understand the future as never before.

Image Credit: melodysheep / Youtube.

Based on Science

But everything portrayed in the video is based on theories and assumptions of modern science.

The author explains that much of the science we are going through is relatively recent, and the more we search the more we understand how much we are missing from the picture.

Boswell shows the devastating consequences of global warming on Earth, predicts natural disasters, the eruption of a super-volcano, the impact of a large asteroid and the creation of a new continent before our planet is destroyed by the death of the Sun, which will become a red giant, among many other revealing details.

“After an unimaginable time, even black holes will have disappeared, and the universe will be nothing more than a sea of photons (…) Once the last remnants of the last stars finally decompose and everything reaches the same temperature, the history of the universe will finally come to an end,” the video explains.

You can support his work here on Patreon and get the soundtrack here.

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