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Video Filmed by Brazilian Military Shows Real Alien Claims UFO Documentary Director

Director James Fox claims to have discovered images and videos of an alien being filmed by the Brazilian military while working on the UFO documentary The Phenomenon (2020).


Filmmaker James Fox says he discovered images and videos of an alien being filmed by the Brazilian military while working on The Phenomenon (2020).
The phenomenon is a startling documentary that delves into the unidentified aerial phenomenon, offering a wealth of testimony not only to high-ranking governmental officials but NASA astronauts as well.

In a recent interview, the filmmaker spoke about his new documentary Moment of Contact. He also spoke about the hard work he is doing to uncover one of the biggest secrets of the Varginha Case.

James Fox’s Moment of Contact follows up on the 2020 hit, The Phenomenon, and explores an extraterrestrial encounter in 1996 in Varginha, Brazil when residents reported seeing a UFO crash and strange creatures.

The so-called Varginha Case is where the military allegedly saw and captured the occupant of an alien ship that crashed.

“A number of people have brought up testimonies about this incident, including those who came into direct contact with the unknown creature in broad daylight, as well as those who transported it to a military facility in Brazil after it was captured and treated by doctors,” Fox said.


In light of this statement, the interviewer asked the filmmaker if he had any photographs that supported his testimony about the creature. His reply came after a brief silence and a little suspense.

“I’m trying to think of a way to answer that question without exposing our contacts… Yes, we have located so much photographic material. In addition, he stated that the mentioned material was not yet included in the documentary, but they had access to it and had offered a large sum for its inclusion.”

Fox declared his belief that a UFO crashed in Brazil and its occupants were captured. He also stated the fact that there are very strong testimonies about it reaching North America.

This story continues to be investigated and developed. We want to know where these (alien) bodies ended up, we know they are in the United States, and who has the authority to release this information to the public,” he said.

“In spite of the fact that it seems beyond belief, I promise you after 30 years of running, I would not risk my reputation if I truly believed this had happened,” Fox concluded.


If you want to check out the interview, click here.

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