The mystery golden orb. (NOAA Ocean Exploration, Seascape Alaska)

VIDEO: Mystery of the Deep: Enigmatic Golden Orb Baffles Ocean Experts

A mysterious "golden" orb was discovered on the bottom of the ocean, leaving experts baffled.


In the pitch-black waters, about two miles below the surface off Alaska’s coast, a remotely operated vehicle from NOAA’s Ocean Exploration program made a perplexing find. Firmly attached to a rock surrounded by white sponges, the mysterious golden orb captured attention, spanning approximately 4 inches across with an unusual hole on one side.

Scientists, initially baffled, considered the possibilities. An unknown species’ egg casing? A deceased sponge? Maybe a coral? One researcher humorously remarked on the livestream from August 30, “It feels like the start of a horror film.”

However, the mystery might not lie dormant. A prevailing theory suggests that this orb, with its fleshy texture, may have been an egg — and not just any egg. “It’s quite sizable. Not your typical fish egg,” commented deep-sea ecologist Kerry Howell from the University of Plymouth.

Carefully, with a robotic arm, the team probed the orb, establishing its soft nature. The next step? Secure the specimen for DNA testing to uncover the entity behind this golden marvel.


Lone Wanderer

The orb’s solitude was as striking as its dimensions. Generally, oviparous creatures produce eggs in groups. This orb’s isolation indicates its unique nature, shedding light on the deep ocean’s secrets and the myriad life within.

Despite the daunting pressures and bone-chilling temperatures of the deep sea that hinder thorough exploration, technology like remotely operated vehicles is slowly unveiling the ocean’s enigmas. As Sam Candio, NOAA’s exploration coordinator, puts it, “Isn’t the deep sea delightfully strange?”

While they’ve managed to bring the ‘golden orb’ aboard, identifying it remains elusive. “Only a lab setting and advanced tools will likely unravel this riddle,” noted the team, emphasizing how much remains to be uncovered about our vast oceans.


NOAA continues its deep-sea investigations in Alaska. Their livestream offers glimpses of awe-inspiring underwater wonders.

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