A screenshot of the video showing Earth rise from behind the Moon. NASA.

VIDEO: Orion captures the Earth rising from behind the Moon

Here is a fascinating video of the Orion Spacecraft showing Earth rising behind the Moon.


Earth rises from behind the Moon in this video captured by a camera on one of the wings of the solar panel of NASA’s Orion spacecraft on a mission to lunar orbit. The video was taken at 13:05 UTC on the sixth flight day of the 25.5-day Artemis I mission. The footage was taken shortly after the powered-out flyby. This was six minutes after the spacecraft regained communications with the Deep Space Network.


The Orion spacecraft was this November 23, on its seventh day of the historic Artemis I mission. Artemis I marks the path of humans returning to the Moon’s surface, and the first mission is a test flight around the Moon. The uncrewed mission will help NASA and its partners test the spacecraft, its capabilities, functions, and, above all, safety. The next mission, Artemis II, is expected to take a crew of astronauts on a trip into lunar orbit and back to Earth. If all goes to plan, Artemis III should see astronauts setting foot on the lunar surface.


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