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VIDEO: Strange Lights Leave Air Traffic Control and Pilots in Awe

A series of lights near the airport of Porto Alegre left Air Traffic control as well as Airline pilots Baffled. Reports indicate the Brazilian Navy scrambled an F-5 to investigate.


UFO sightings have no country. By that, what I want to say is that they are not just happening in the United States, as many people are led to believe. Sure, UFOs may be most reported in countries such as the United States. But that doesn’t mean that they just take place there. In fact, UFOs are a global thing. Recently, the appearance of a series of strange lights in the skies over the city of Porto Alegre left both pilots and flight controllers stunned. Navi fighter jets were even scrambled to investigate and intercept the UFOs, according to some sources. On Saturday, November 5, at about 11 pm, the Airport Control Center of Salgado Filho Airport detected a UFO. Reports indicate that the objects were bright, flashing on and off. The objects were moving rapidly but not interfering with normal aircraft operations.

Several UFOs

A pilot on Latam flight 3406, which left Guarulhos and traveled to Porto Alegre, described seeing lights in the sky. He said, “sometimes there was one, sometimes there were two or three.” Four flights reported seeing strange lights in the sky over the course of a half-hour. In an Azul airlines flight 4248 that departed from Rio de Janeiro and landed in Porto Alegre, the pilot and flight attendants informed passengers that several unidentified lights had delayed the landing. Flight 4248 took quite some time to land. And as usual, the pilot welcomes the passengers as they land. However, one passenger said that the pilot gave no welcome, only saying that he apologized for the delay because of seeing lights in the sky. The passenger, a businessman from Brazil, said he did not see the lights himself.

Not Drones

The flight took off at 9:30 p.m. from Santos Dumont in Rio de Janeiro. Eventually, it landed at Salgado Filho airport at 11:30 p.m. During the flight, the businessman reported a strange event. In his account, the flight attendants were called into the cockpit at one point during the flight and remained there for a while. The pilot reported that several other flights had witnessed the strange lights in the sky. Speaking to local media, the business said that he asked a flight attendant if she had seen the objects, to which she responded affirmatively. It is noteworthy to mention that the flight crew ruled out the possibility of the UFOs being drones, given the high altitude at which they were seen, but also the way they moved. Another passenger on board, Bruna da Silva Porto, also confirmed the pilot’s conversation with the passengers.


Airport Video

Interestingly, in the early hours of Sunday, camera 1 of the Pôr do Sol Guaíba channel recorded a strange activity of lights moving through the sky of Porto Alegre. According to sources on the AEROIN website, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) also sent an F-5 aircraft from Canoas Air Base in order to identify the objects – although no details have been revealed yet. And while the sightings are of significant interest, especially after listening in to what pilots and traffic control are saying, I cannot help but notice similarities between this and another sighting. The UFO sighting over Brazil is eerily similar to lights that American pilots recently reported seeing over North America, the latest of which was reported over the skies of Oklahoma and by several airliners.

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