An artistic rendering showing an UFO abduction. Depositphotos.

VIDEO: The biggest extraterrestrial mysteries

Is Earth really being visited by UFOs that are not of this world? Take a look at this video which showcases some of the biggest extraterrestrial mysteries.


The UFO subject is a hotly debated one today. However, a decade ago, for example, it was not the case. Back then, UFOs were considered nothing more than a conspiracy. Many people were apprehensive about discussing the UFO phenomenon. Back then, the government denied having any particular interest in UFOs. And space agencies, like NASA, denied having or wanting to do anything with the phenomenon. Fast forward ten years, and how have things changed. NASA is really into UFOs and has gathered 16 scientists to study the subject up close. The Pentagon has a UFO office and is trying to figure out what these objects are. The government is drawing up laws allowing people with insider information on unidentified flying objects to speak out freely without fear of repercussions.

A look into the past

And while the idea about UFOs has drastically changed, UFO sightings have been made since time immemorial. Many UFO sightings were reported to the police, the military, and the government. Many sightings were made by groups of people. Several UFO sighting reports have extraordinary stories. This is why it is important to go through these UFO sightings now that the subject is of scientific interest. Many sightings from the past that were laughed at by many perhaps deserve more attention. Perhaps some of these sightings have something in common. Maybe some of these sightings have clues. And it is entirely possible that by analyzing reports from the past, we can learn new data about the phenomenon.


Crazy extraterrestrial encounters

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People have witnessed extraordinary things over the years. Incredible sightings have been made. Even more incredible stories have resulted from these. Whether these objects really are of extraterrestrial nature remains a mystery. But this is one mystery that, hopefully, humankind will figure out in the near future. In the meantime, keep your eyes on the sky.


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