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Video: UFOs Shut Down Nuclear Missiles, Claims Former Air Force Captain

“It was definitely a UFO that shut down our nuclear missiles...”


A lot of things have happened for the good of the UFO community in the past few years. No longer are UFOs a joke to people, science, and the military. Now, some even consider unidentified flying objects a threat to national security. The Pentagon has a dedicated UFO office that is attempting to understand what these objects are. Where they come from. NASA is technically doing the same. It appointed sixteen scientists from various fields to study UFOs and figure out what they are. And as science finally takes UFOs seriously and studies them with the most rigorous scientific methods, it is worth looking back into the past at some interesting UFO things and reports.

Nukes and UFOs

This is nothing new. In fact, reports of UFOs over nuclear missile sites date back decades ago. There is widespread knowledge that UFOs are popular at such sites. Not only are these objects seen over US nuclear missile sites, but all around the world. The subject has been discussed by UFOlogists in the past. But it is still a subject of discussion today. Perhaps the most interesting story about UFOs, missiles, and nukes comes from a man who served for seven years in the Air Force. His name is Robert Sallas, and his story is nothing short of extraordinary.


“It Was Definitely A UFO That Shut Down Our Missiles”

Robert Sallas served for seven years in the airforce and, during his service, rose to the rank of captain. In an interview with Ufologist Nick Pope, who is the former minister of defense in the UK, Sallas opened up about what he had witnessed. Captain Robert Salas recalls a fascinating story from 1967 when he was on duty at a nuclear missile site in Montana. In the interview, Salas explains that at the site, they were in control of ten nuclear missiles. Each missile had an eight-hundred-kiloton nuclear weapon. In the early morning, when Salas was on duty, he received a phone call from a guard outside the bunker. The guard was historically screaming into the phone for Salas to come outside. There was a strange red light in the sky just outside the base. It moved erratically. It moved like nothing they had ever seen.

A chilling story

Salas recalls that the object was moving incredibly fast in the sky. It stopped erratically. Then reversed course. It was no airplane, no helicopter, and nothing known to man. The object in the sky made no noise whatsoever as it performed these erratic maneuvers. As the situation unfolded inside the bunker, a malfunction occurred. The ten missiles went from green to red, meaning that the weapons became unlaunchable. All of them. And at the same time. In other words, something had disabled all ten missiles at the nuclear launch site. As Salas recalls it, it was something that no one could explain.

Not a one-time thing

In the interview, Salas revealed that what he had witnessed was so strange. He believed that whatever the object was that disabled the missiles was not of this Earth. Stranger still, the same thing had happened at another nuclear missile launch site a week earlier. In fact, reports indicate that the same red object hovered above the nuclear facility. It performed erratic maneuvers as it flew about the missile site. And just as Salas and his fellow soldiers experienced a week later, the missiles at the other site were disabled and useless. The nuclear missiles remained disabled for nearly 24 hours. You can watch the interview here.


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