War in Space. Credit: Depositphotos.

War in Space: A Grave Threat Beyond our Planet, Warns US General

"A space war could pollute the space realm for countless years to come..."


In a stark revelation, Bradley Chance Saltzman, the deputy chief of the US Space Force’s operations, recently shed light on the heightened destruction potential of space wars compared to terrestrial confrontations. “While downed aircraft and sunken ships leave their respective domains, destroyed satellites remain adrift in space for centuries, posing long-term threats,” Saltzman elaborated in an interview with Newsweek.

The remnants of destroyed satellites remain as dangerous debris in orbit, potentially jeopardizing space operations for generations. “A space war could pollute the space realm for countless years to come,” Saltzman added poignantly.


No Escaping the Fallout

Space doesn’t differentiate between military and civilian players. Whether it’s the tense waters of the Persian Gulf or conflict-laden skies over Ukraine, space’s uniqueness lies in its lack of alternatives. “If the cosmos turns into a military battleground, both public and private entities are inevitably entangled,” cautioned the general. Given these sobering implications, it’s crucial for the Space Force to be ready to deter such catastrophic scenarios actively.

As tensions rise, the focus is on deterrence. Collaboration with allies ensures a united front to deter any aggressive moves in space. “Spotting risky behavior that could wreak havoc is our duty,” Saltzman stressed. “Potential adversaries must recognize that any misstep would bear severe repercussions.”

Uncharted Frontiers and the New Guardians

Despite space being the newest frontier for warfare, it remains largely untouched by open conflict. Although the Air Force has utilized space resources to bolster terrestrial missions for decades and nations like the US, Russia, China, and India have experimented with anti-satellite (ASAT) weaponry, an outright space conflict remains elusive. The Space Force, established in 2019, has highlighted space’s significance as a combat zone. Yet, with a lean team of roughly 8,700 members, it’s the smallest arm of the US military, overseeing an ever-widening domain.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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