Watch Amazing Video of a Woman Swimming With Killer Whales

This amazing drone footage showing a woman swimming with playful Killer Whales will lighten up your day.

Amazing drone footage has surfaced showing a woman swimming in the blue waters off the coast of Hahei Beach in New Zealand, and all of a sudden a family of Killer Whales decided to join her in her swim.

Judie Johnson who was completing a regular swim at the beach described the encounter as a “life-changing experience.

“There was a shape that went under me, like a huge shape and I thought [it was] dolphins. I was quite excited, and then I saw the great white color on the back,” she said in an interview with New Zealand’s 1 NEWS.

While Killer Whales can be brutal to their prey, there have never been any recorded attacks or injuries of humans by killer whales anywhere in the wild.

The breathtaking video footage (see below) was captured by photographer Dylan Brayshaw on 4 December at New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsular.

Experts say that the animals are similar to Dolphins when encountering humans. They are curious and want to play.

“They were as interested and curious about me as I was about them,” Johnson told 1 NEWS.

As orca expert, Dr. Regina Eisert told 1 NEWS, Johnson was unlikely in danger while swimming with the killer whales.

“Killer whales are the largest of the dolphin family so they are just big dolphins with a fancy paint job and we all know dolphins are very, very smart and very playful.”

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