Watch Stunning Video Showing Russian Rocket Leaving Earth, As Seen by the ISS

What. A. View.

Another great video footage has been recorded by astronauts on board the International Space Station.

The breathtaking video captured by ESA Astronaut Alexander Gerst shows the exact moment the Soyuz rocket breaks through the atmosphere, leaving Earth traveling into the darkness of space.

The video recorded the Soyuz MS-11 as the crew on board the spacecraft travel to space.

Soyuz MS-11 launched on December 3.

It was the first time since the failed launch attempt that Soyuz blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.


This time thankfully, all went according to plan and the astronauts successfully went into orbit.

Gert commented on his video saying: “Our friends, on the way here.”

“The essence of spaceflight, in a timelapse showing the Soyuz MS-11 launch. I still can’t comprehend that there are humans riding on the top of this lone white streak into the great black open.”

Eventually, the astronauts onboard the Soyuz MS-11 made it safely to the International Sae Station where they performed docking procedures later that day, just as the International Space Station was flying above the southern coast of Yemen.

The Spacecraft traveled nine minutes after which it entered a designated orbit. Six hours later, and after having orbited the earth four times, the crew docked at the International Space Station.

Gerst is known for his amazing images and videos captured on board the International Space Station.

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