Artist's rendering of a UFO sphere in the sky. Depositphotos.

What Are Near Earth Probes?

Exploring space would be much more efficient by sending out autonomous spacecraft. Spacecraft that could travel long distances. Spacecraft that could regenerate, replicate and keep exploring no matter what. Enter Near Earth Probes.


The Unidentified Flying Object phenomenon has become a popular subject in the past few years. UFOs are now being discussed among scientists in various fields, the government, and the military. When you throw out the word UFO in a conversation, people react with interest, not repulsiveness. This is because people have finally understood the true value of UFOs. Its not that these objects must be alien technology. They could be anything. The true value of UFOs lies in awakening humankind’s true curious nature. Sadly, in the past, not many people were curious about UFOs. Scientists, the first in line who should’ve been curious about these objects, wanted nothing to do with them. Not, the tables have turned. This is why it is important to approach the subject with the most rigorous scientific studies. NASA is already doing this with its UFO study group, for example. Other scientists, like renowned Harvard astronomer Professor Avi Loeb, are leading different UFO studies, like the Galileo Project. You can read more about it here.

Meet Near Earth Probes

The probability that little green men are flying around our skies is possible but minimal. This is because of the extreme physical strain that space travel will exert on any biological form. Traveling through space is difficult. At least, this is what we believe now, given our current understanding of how things work in space. This is likely true if there are other intelligent biological entities out there. Exploring space would be much more efficient by sending out autonomous spacecraft. Spacecraft that could travel long distances. Spacecraft that could regenerate, replicate and keep exploring no matter what. Enter Near Earth Probes. These are a new class of Near Earth Objects that could be classified as spacecraft from another world. These NEPs could also be equipped with advanced alien artificial intelligence. This would enable an intelligent exploration of space. Indeed if an advanced alien civilization could build spacecraft that could reach other star systems, they would have developed some sort of super-advanced AI to travel along.


Are UFOs Near Earth Probes?

Taking the above into consideration, ask yourself the following question. What if the many UFOs we have witnessed across decades are nothing more than unmanned alien craft? Self-replicating objects that have traveled unimaginable distances exploring the cosmos? What if these objects belonged to a civilization that had long gone extinct? UFOs could, in theory, be nothing more than objects that traveled vast distances across space, exploring the cosmos until finding a planet with life. What if their objective was to make contact? But what if they needed instructions on how to proceed before making contact? This would make sense and answer what many people have asked: If UFOs are aliens, why are they not contacting us? They cannot receive instructions on how to proceed if the civilization that has built them has long gone extinct.

Technologies we have built

Our civilization has built and sent out quite a few spacecraft into space. The farthest spacecraft from Earth sent out by humans are the Voyager 1 and 2 probes. Although they are the farthest objects made by humans, it would still take them thousands of years before they exit our Solar System’s Oort Cloud. Future technologies, like light-sail spacecraft, could be sent out into space and travel across vast distances at a much faster speed. I would imagine that in the near future, once we have faster, more robust spacecraft, we will include Artificial intelligence inside them, to navigate better, make smarter decisions, and report home. Essentially, this is something a much more advanced alien civilization may have done in the past. And some of the unexplainable objects we see in our sky and orbit around Earth could be nothing other than Near Earth Probes waiting for a command.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

I've been writing passionately about ancient civilizations, history, alien life, and various other subjects for more than eight years. You may have seen me appear on Discovery Channel's What On Earth series, History Channel's Ancient Aliens, and Gaia's Ancient Civilizations among others.

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