What Would Happen If The Moon Impacted Earth

What Would Happen If The Moon Impacted Earth?

What would happen if, all of a sudden, the Moon changed direction and started moving toward our planet?


Although it is common knowledge that the Earth’s moon is moving away from our planet rather than moving towards it, we have seen quite a few science fiction stories behind such theories. The latest movie, Moonfall, is just one to showcase what such an event would entail. But our Moon is essential for life as we know it. It is the only known natural satellite that orbits our world and helps keep our planet on its axis. Luna also plays a critical role in clime stability and helps living organisms develop. Based on what we know so far, the Moon is moving about 3.78 centimeters away from Earth. We know this based on later ranging measurements. Calculations have allowed astronomers to find out that, with this rate of separation, in about 15 billion years, the moon will stop moving away from Earth.

What Would Happen If The Moon Impacted Earth?

But what would happen if, all of a sudden, the Moon changed direction and started moving toward our planet? You would notice a couple of strange things happening soon after. For example, since the moon controls tides, you’d notice the sea level rise as beaches become flooded with ocean water. Fish that usually inhabit the deepest, darkest places in the ocean are now located near the shore. Birds in the sky would no longer fly to the south in the winter. They would group together in the sky, flying randomly around the place.

Since the Moon helps them navigate and travel the planet, a change in its orbit would also change birds’ navigation. Compasses would start behaving erratically since the needle would find it hard to point toward the north. This is because, as the moon approaches our planet, the magnetic poles would start flipping. The moon would become brighter and brighter, closer and closer. Check out this video which goes through all of what would happen if the Moon would suddenly start moving toward our planet.


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