What You See In This Image Tells a Lot About Your Personality

Researchers have recently used a famous illusion dubbed “My Wife and My Mother-In-Law” in a new study, and how you interpret this 100-year-old optical illusion could tell a lot about your personality.

According to scientists, the way we perceive the world around us is heavily influenced by age.

This was apparently demonstrated in a new study where experts used an optical illusion from 1915 called “My Wife and My Mother in Law.” Experts suggest that the human brain relies on both neural processes and social factors to recognize others. Experts say that age can dictate what we see in both figures.

Younger viewers see a younger woman in the optical illusion while older observers see an older woman, in her 60’s.

Experts further explained that the majority of viewers report seeing a younger woman. However, scientists found that the observer’s age may contribute to what the brain processes in the end. Results of the study essentially demonstrated that viewers saw a woman that essentially mirrored their own age.

“Younger and older participants estimated the age of the image as younger and older, respectively,’ said scientists.

“The effect of the observer’s age on the estimated age of the woman is consistent with an own-age social group bias,” the researchers explain.

“Within the respective age-groups, participants have a bias towards processing faces of a similar age.”

Speaking about the mind-bending illusion researchers explain in the new study, published to the journal Scientific Reports that “Although low-level neural detection mechanisms govern face recognition, it is also affected by seemingly incidental high-level social processes.”

“A good example is the effect of social in- and out-groups. A social in-group is a collection of people with whom a person identifies as a member whereas an out-group is outside one’s identity.”

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