World’s First Flying Car To Go on Sale Next Month

The flying vehicle is built by Terrafugia, a Volvo parent company.

The worlds very first flying car, that has the ability to turn into a fully functional airplane in less than a minute will go on sale in the United States, starting next month.

While the price of the vehicle has not been revealed, preliminary sales of the two-seat hybrid-electric vehicle will begin next month.

According to its manufacturer Terrafugia, a parent company of Volvo, the ‘Transition’ has the ability to fly for 640 kilometers at a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour.

TF-X Flying Vehicle by Terrafugia. Image Credit: Terrafugia.
TF-X Flying Vehicle by Terrafugia. Image Credit: Terrafugia.

The car, which has passed all necessary security standards was certified in 2016 as a Light sports Aircraft by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Recent improvements to the revolutionary vehicle include a powerful hybrid electric motor, upgraded seats, improved seats, and airbags as well as more luggage storage.

The flying vehicle features a revolutionized parachute system, as well as a ‘boost mode’ which allows grants the flying vehicle extra power whilst flying.

But in addition to being approved by the FAA, the vehicle also meets all National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration standards.

For those who are eager to pre-order one, take into consideration that you’ll need a pilot’s license to operate the Transition.

According to Terrafugia, its Transition vehicle weights around 1,300 pounds and features a fixed landing gear.

The Transition can fly at a maximum altitude of 10,000 feet.

The company already has plans for the TF-X, a revolutionized four-seater vehicle which will be computer operated.

Passengers will type in the destination, and the vehicle will pilot them to it.

“The TF-X won’t require an airport for takeoff and landing, and it will drive on all roads and highways – providing the convenience of true door-to-door transportation,” the company said in a statement.

“Developing this new technology has allowed us to test several different mechanisms and generate process improvements along the way,” explained the company’s CEO Chris Jaran in July.

“We are at the critical point where we can implement the best design features based on years of flight and drive testing.  This will improve function, safety, and aesthetics for the optimal flying and driving experience,” added Jaran.

The TF-X will have a cruising speed of around 322 kilometers per hour and an 800-kilometer flight range. The vehicle is also said to be capable of automatically avoiding other air traffic, bad weather and even restricted and controlled airspace.

The Terrafugia Flying Vehicle
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