The third metal monolith that appeared in Pine Mountain yesterday. Credit:

Yet Another Mysterious “Monolith” Appears in California, This Time on Top of a Mountain

New chapter to the entertaining mystery of the metal monoliths: a third one was discovered at the top of the Pine Mountain in Central California.

We’re here to announce the latest trend of 2020 – metal monoliths with no background at random locations on the planet. We now have footage of a third monolith that appeared in a completely different location from the previous two – Pine Mountain in California. Here is our chronology of the latest events.

A couple of weeks ago, the State’s Wildlife Resource Authority of Utah reported the unexpected discovery of a massive metal monolith in the Utah desert. The mysterious artifact became a global trend and influenced countless weird and entertaining theories about its origin.

The mysterious monolith in the Utah desert and two of the crew members who discovered it. Credit: Utah Department of Public Safety
The mysterious monolith in the Utah desert and two of the crew members who discovered it. Credit: Utah Department of Public Safety

Then about a week ago, the Utah Desert monolith disappeared. It was reported that on November 27, it was already gone. A local was on his way to the site when he saw a truck leaving the area with a large object in the trunk. It remains unknown whether this truck was behind the removal or not.

And then again, a couple of days later, a new monolith appeared in an unexpected location – on top of the Batca Doamnei Hill in Northern Romania. In other words – across the world.

Of course, this new monolith in Romania has been confirmed to be fake as it bared a resemblance but did not have the same exquisite craftsmanship. Simply said, it looked like a fake and I absolutely believe that it was made by someone who simply wanted to have some fun.

Guess what? Another day or two passed and the second monolith from Northern Romania disappeared too. Surprised?

Now, a third one has appeared and it seems to be a completely different one. At this point, why don’t we all make our own monoliths and place them everywhere around the world creating a massive network? This whole story has been entertaining so far, why not take it further, right?

New Monolith Reported at the top of the Pine Mountain, California

As reported on Wednesday, December 2, the new metal monolith has been spotted at the top of the Pine Mountain in Atascadero, San Luis Obispo County which is in Central California.

Unlike the original monolith from the Utah Desert, this one seemed to be placed there in a hurry. It was not buried well in the ground and eyewitnesses report that it can probably be pushed down easily.

As for the appearance of the monolith, it has an identical shape and size to the one in Utah but this one seems to be made from stainless steel.

Of course, the origin and person behind the creation and placement remain unknown. To me, it seems that people generally want to have fun at this point and we are likely to see many more metal monoliths around the world in the remaining days of the year.

There is obviously no way that all three were made by the same person and placed thousands of kilometers away from each other. Theoretically, the monoliths of the Utah Desert and Pine Mountain could share the same creator but I would rather not waste my thoughts on this possibility.

Overall, this has been an entertaining series of events that added a positive note to the negative days we live in. However, I expect interest in these monoliths to decline soon, especially if the same thing continues to happen.

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