An illustration of a UFO and what Stereo A and B saw approaching the sun. Image Credit NASA.

A Pinwheel UFO Approaching the Sun? Science has an Answer

One of the strangest UFO sightings in space explained by science.


One of the closest stars we can possibly study is the sun. Since 2008, NASA has had two spacecraft in orbit around the Sun, staring at it nonstop, gathering scientific information, and snapping photographs. But the two spacecraft, called Stereo A and Stereo B, take images of more than just the sun. They are able to record quite a distance away from the sun. This is thanks to their orbit, some 95 million miles from the Sun’s surface.

These spacecraft are basically two eyes that stare at the sun, gathering data. Stereo A and B observe the sun in the ultraviolet and x-ray. These observations allow us to develop 3D models of what is going on with the Sun. In March 2020, the heliospheric imager monitored the solar winds and interplanetary space. At firth sight, all was good. In the footage, we could see the Earth and Venus. But then, all of a sudden, a strange object appears, traveling at incredible speed from the outer asteroid belt. The object, which looks like a circular structure connected with another inner structure, makes way for the sun. It does not look like a natural phenomenon like a solar flare, magnetic field, or plasma discharge.

As the object moves in the direction of the sun, it seems to do so while projecting what looks like a beam toward the star. As it makes its way, one would say it does not appear to be a natural phenomenon. But if this is not the case, what could it be? An alien mega-craft having a refuel trip to the sun? The answer involves science, and an understanding of how the Stereo A and B spacecraft work and take photographs. And this understandig allows experts to discern extrarodiary claims with extraorindary proof. If you want to skip to seeing the entire video, you can click here for the explanation.


Written by Ivan Petricevic

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