Curiosmos is an independent media company covering a wide array of subjects related to history, archaeology, science, astronomy, and space. Curiosmos was created as an online magazine free of politics. Therefore, on our website, you will not find anything related to politics, or politicians.

Curiosmos is an independent website, and as such, we are entirely apolitical and want to remain as such. This means that content about politics, related to politics, or promoting politics will not be accepted for publication. is run by Petri Pixel, a company registered in Croatia (EU).

You can contact us by clicking here or sending an email. was created with two words in mind: Curious and Cosmos. See what we did there?

Curious: /ˈkjʊərɪə/ eager to know or learn something. Something strange; unusual.

Cosmos /ˈkɒzmɒs/ the universe seen as a well-ordered whole. A system of thought.

You could say that Curiosmos is the Cosmos for the curious reader.

And that’s exactly how our website is best described. is a place where people eager to learn something new can find great content that is daily curated and updated by writers who are passionate about what they do. Join us as we explore a vast cosmos of interesting topics from science, history, archaeology, technology, and more.

We are Curious. We are Curiosmos.

Created with Love in Croatia.

Our Staff List

Ivan Petricevic–Editor-in-Chief, Author

Vladislav Tchakarov–Author, editor

Bruce Fenton–Author

Matija Klaric–Blogger

Farah Zaki–Blogger

Antun Gustav Kos–Editor

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