Curiosmos.com was created with two words in mind: Curious and Cosmos. See what we did there?

Curious: /ˈkjʊərɪə/ eager to know or learn something. Something strange; unusual.

Cosmos /ˈkɒzmɒs/ the universe seen as a well-ordered whole. A system of thought.

You could say that Curiosmos is the Cosmos for the curious reader.

And that’s exactly how our website is best described.

About Curiosmos

At the core of human existence is the desire to learn the secrets of the Universe, to seek answers to the burning questions, and to marvel at the very nature of the world. Curiosmos was created for the curious-minded to do just that.

 Our Vision

At Curiosmos, we aim to provide a platform for like-minded individuals to learn and engage as we produce content on a wide range of topics in science, history, archaeology, technology, and more.  From ancient civilizations to extra-terrestrial life, we delve into the most fascinating topics from every corner of the universe.

The Company

Curiosmos is run by Petri Pixel and registered in Croatia.

If you would like to get in touch, contact us here or sending an email to contact (at) Curiosmos (dot) com.

The Team

Our curious team comprises people from different backgrounds, continents, and fields of expertise, but common traits among our staff and writers include passion, dedication, and a healthy dose of curiosity.

Meet the Curiosmos team.

Justin Gurkinic

Hey, my name is Justin, and my friends call me Gurk. Why? Becuase of my last name. It sounds like a vegetable. Kind of. I love sleeping and writing. History is my thing.

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Ivan Petricevic

I've been writing passionately about ancient civilizations, history, alien life, and various other subjects for more than eight years. You may have seen me appear on Discovery Channel's What On Earth series, History Channel's Ancient Aliens, and Gaia's Ancient Civilizations among others.

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Vladislav Tchakarov

Hello, my name is Vladislav and I am glad to have you here on Curiosmos. As a history student, I have a strong passion for history and science, and the opportunity to research and write in this field on a daily basis is a dream come true.

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Bruce R. Fenton

BRUCE R. FENTON is a British multidisciplinary scientific researcher, explorer and author. His expeditions have been featured in major newspapers including the UK Telegraph & Daily Mail. Bruce is a familiar face for millions of people having appeared as an expedition leader on the Science Channel’s ‘The Unexplained Files’ and as a recurring guest expert on History Channel’s Ancient Aliens. Bruce has written four books, the two of greatest note being The Forgotten Exodus: The Into Africa Theory of Human Evolution (foreword by Graham Hancock) and Exogenesis: Hybrid Humans – A Scientific History of Extraterrestrial Genetic Manipulation (foreword by Erich von Daniken).

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Raeesah Chandlay

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Ioannis Dedes

Hi, I'm Ioannis Dedes, an experienced Freelance Writer with a demonstrated history of working in the online media industry. After working in the Freelance writing world for a while, I can say that I have produced great articles for the niches of history, philosophy, and politics. Curiosmos was the best platform to apply what I have learned after two years of creative writing experience, and I am more than ecstatic to share my thoughts with the special readers of the blog and people that are interested in finding out the roots of human civilization and the evolution of our world.

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Corbin Black

Corbin Black is a former biology major and artist who loves exploring the world of ancient history, science, and weird news. Over the years, he has written for many websites covering a wide range of topics, from the ordinary to the fantastic.

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Arooj Imran

Arooj is a licensed clinical pharmacist with 2 years of experience writing content about Mental and Physical Health, Nutrition, Weight loss, and Pharmaceutic. She also has a knack for researching, which has led her to develop a deep interest in topics surrounding science, history, and technology.

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Our Promise

At Curiosmos we commit to upholding strong ethical values such as integrity, credibility, and originality. Our approach entails producing factual, scientifically-backed content in a digestible way. We are an apolitical platform for learning and exploring, offering relief from the heaviness of the current media climate, producing engaging, interactive content that matters.

Different Approach

Our everyday life is filled with a constant flow of information. Here are Curiosmos, we aim to provide You with the latest news in a sample, easy and readable way. This is why we work hard to go through a plethora of information in order to produce short listicles that feature the most prominent information. This is why we aim to save you—our reader—time by and bringing to your screen only the information that matters.

Come explore with us.

We are Curious. We are Curiosmos.