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Astronauts, Scientists and Ufologists Meet to Discuss UFOs

The UAP International Research Symposium saw astronauts, Ufologists, Historians and scientists meet to discuss UFOs.


UAP International Research Symposium

Various experts from different areas of government and science spoke openly about what they see as the reality of the UAP (UFO) phenomenon and its investigation in current times. The meeting took place at the UAP International Research Symposium, a virtual event organized by the company Vertical Project Media. The event took place in October 2022. Among the many things discussed by experts was the reality of what the UFO phenomenon has become. It has changed from a conspiracy to a subject worthy of the most rigorous scientific study. This was confirmed by Jean-François Clervoy, a decorated European Space Agency Astronaut and NASA Engineer. Clervoy explained that the field arouses much interest because it raises ontological and philosophical questions about who we are as a species and whether humans are alone in the universe.

Clervoy weighed in on the subject, saying that there are numerous UFO cases that we know really did happen. There is evidence to back them up. It isn’t mere collective imagination. The French astronaut explained that there are testimonies from pilots, radar data, and even footage. Clervoy also blamed a lack of resources in the field of UFOlogy for the slow progress in understanding what these objects are.


The Alien hypothesis

Clervoy explained that the extraterrestrial hypothesis remains “the simplest hypothesis” as far as possible underlying causes of UFOs. However, he added that “just because it’s the simplest doesn’t mean it’s the real explanation.”


And this is something we can probably agree on. UFOs do not mean extraterrestrial. the acronym stands for unidentifiable. Nonetheless, some UFO cases, such as the videos filmed by Navy pilots, do indeed weigh into the extraterrestrial hypothesis. In the videos, we see o jects that defy explanation in terms of aerial capabilities. Some of the objects witnessed and filmed by pilots are able to perform maneuvers that even our most sophisticated fighter jets cannot. These objects do not have visible propulsion systems and lack typical aircraft parts such as wings.

Avi Loeb and his view during the UAP International Research Symposium

Another important person to participate in the UAP International Research Symposium was renowned Harvard astronomer Professor Avi Loeb. Professor Loeb stressed that we have yet to learn about the universe, citing a June 2021 preliminary assessment by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on UAP as a tipping point.

Professor Loeb went on to explain that Intelligence agencies and the US military have data indicating that there are real objects. Loeb stressed that UAPs have been observed on multiple instruments and that there is objective evidence.


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