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Atlantis Found? Ancient Ruins off Spanish Coast Belong to the Lost City Claim Experts

Do these super-massive ruins really belong to the lost city of Atlantis?


Atlantis Found? Researchers Claim Discovery of Legendary Lost City

Unearthing the Enigma of Atlantis

In a groundbreaking discovery, a team of historians and satellite experts from the private company Merlin Burrows claim to have potentially uncovered the long-lost city of Atlantis. This legendary city, as described by Greek philosopher Plato in his works Timaeus and Critias, has captivated countless explorers and archaeologists for thousands of years, despite the lack of solid evidence supporting its existence.

Ancient Ruins Point to Atlantis

The experts from Merlin Burrows suggest that the ancient ruins they’ve examined near Spain’s coast may have once formed part of the city of Atlantis. While many of these sites have been previously investigated and attributed to the Romans or Greeks, the Merlin Burrows team argues that they have found evidence linking the site to the mysterious Atlanteans.

Pinpointing the Lost City’s Location

According to the researchers, the location of Atlantis lies north of the city of Cadiz in Andalucía, centered around Doñana National Park. They believe this area was once a vast inland sea and that further evidence can be found south and north of the park, as well as in 15 other settlements along the coastline.

Utilizing satellite images, aerial photography, and ground observations, the experts believe they have identified all the features of Atlantis described by Plato, as well as evidence of how they were destroyed.


Advanced Civilization and Remarkable Discoveries

Maritime historian Tim Akers, head of research at Merlin Burrows, claims that not only have they found the remains of Atlantis, but they’ve also discovered that the people were incredibly advanced. He explains that laboratory analysis of material recovered from Spain revealed evidence of a unique type of cement and ancient advanced metallurgy.

Furthermore, the team believes they’ve found evidence of a harbor wall measuring an incredible 75 meters (245 ft) thick. The site is spread over 100 miles from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, with the main complex consisting of two distinct multi-island platforms, perfectly matching Plato’s dimensions.

Atlantis: More Than a Myth?

The discovery of these ruins has sparked considerable debate and excitement in the scientific community. If these sites indeed belong to the lost city of Atlantis, it could change the way we view ancient history and the development of civilizations. As researchers continue to investigate the site, they hope to uncover more information about this advanced civilization and their way of life.

New Documentary Film Explores the Mystery

The researchers from Merlin Burrows have filmed a new documentary, Atlantica, detailing their exploration of the site and showcasing their discoveries with never-before-seen footage. This film offers a unique look into the world of Atlantis, giving viewers a glimpse of what life may have been like in this legendary city.

Future Explorations and Preserving the Past

Through their discoveries and documentary, the researchers at Merlin Burrows hope to secure further funding to extensively explore and protect the region for future generations. They also aim to promote tourism and economic opportunities for southern Spain. Understanding Atlantis and its history will not only shed light on an ancient civilization but also provide valuable insights into our own past.


By preserving these sites and promoting their importance, we can ensure that the story of Atlantis and its people continues to captivate and inspire future generations.

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