Atlantis in the Sahara?  Researcher Claims ‘Eye of Sahara’ is Atlantis’ Ruins

Was Atlantis located in the Sahara?


Based on Plato’s ancient writings, a striking hypothesis compares the Greek philosopher’s details with photographs taken by modern satellites.

Written in 360 BC, Plato introduced Atlantis in Timaeus:


“…For it is related in our records how once upon a time your State stayed the course of a mighty host, which, starting from a distant point in the Atlantic Ocean, was insolently advancing to attack the whole of Europe and Asia to boot. For the ocean there was at that time navigable; for in front of the mouth which you Greeks call, as you say, ‘the pillars of Heracles,’ there lay an island which was larger than Libya and Asia together; and the travelers of that time could cross from it to the other islands, and from the islands to the whole of the continent over against them which encompasses that veritable ocean. For all that we have here, lying within the mouth of which we speak, is evidently a haven having a narrow entrance; but that yonder is a real ocean, and the land surrounding it may most rightly be called, in the fullest and truest sense, a continent. Now in this island of Atlantis, there existed a confederation of kings, of great and marvelous power, which held sway over all the island, and over many other islands also and parts of the continent.”

The Richat Structure. Image Credit: Bright Insight / YouTube.
The Richat Structure. Image Credit: Bright Insight / YouTube.

In Critias, Plato wrote how some 9,000 years before our lifetime, a terrifying war took place between cavillations located outside the Pillars of Hercules at the Strait of Gibraltar and those who dwelt within them.

In his work, Plato explains that the mighty Atlanteans had already conquered significant parts of Libya within the Pillars of Hercules, venturing inland as far as Egypt. In Europe, they conquered lands as far as Tyrrhenia—Etruria, a region of Central Italy, located in an area that covered part of Tuscany, Lazio, and Umbria—subjecting its people into slavery along the way.

For centuries has the story of Atlantis been discussed among philosophers, historians, and archaeologists, and countless researchers set out to find the legendary lost city of Atlantis.

However, despite searching for evidence that may prove Atlantis once existed, no one has ever found conclusive evidence to back up Plato’s claims.

Nevertheless, some authors have suggested various locations as to where Atlantis may be located. In modern times, thanks to tools such as Google Earth, UFO hunters, and self-proclaimed researchers have discovered what they believe are traces of the long-lost Atlantean civilization.

A YouTuber called Jimmy Bright proposes an original theory: the mythical Atlantis was located in the Sahara Desert. Bright explains his theory in a video uploaded to YouTube, which has already been viewed more than 2 million times.


According to Bright and his hypothesis, the geological structure of Richat – also known as “the Eye of the Sahara” and located in the northwest part of the continent – could be where the mysterious city was located.

The blogger bases his theory on texts that describe Atlantis written by Plato.

According to Bright, the Eye of the Sahara perfectly fits into the description by Plato written in Critias and Timaeus.

According to Bright, the Richat Structure’s diameter is 23 kilometers, which curiously corresponds to the description of Atlantis by Plato.

A Satellite view of the Eye of the Sahara. Image Credit: Bright Insight / YouTube.
A Satellite view of the Eye of the Sahara. Image Credit: Bright Insight / YouTube.

Likewise, Richat’s form is very similar to that of Atlantis, which, as he relates, was composed of three concentric circles of earth and three concentric circles of water.

To support his hypothesis, Bright explains that Plato described that the city of Atlantis was surrounded by mountains and “protected from the north.”

From this data, the YouTuber explains that these alleged mountains are located north of the Eye of the Sahara. He also notices traces in the surrounding terrain of what he believes is evidence of ancient dry rivers.

An artists rendering of what Atlantis may have looked like in the past.
An artists rendering of what Atlantis may have looked like in the past.

Another clue that Plato wrote about was that of the country or territory surrounding that city of Atlantis.

According to the Greek philosopher, Atlantis was located on a “flat and smooth plain,” a detail that curiously corresponds to the Sahara Desert, according to the YouTuber.


Many YouTubers, amazed by this theory, highlight many coincidences between Plato’s description of Atlantis and Richat’s Structure.

Others, however, point out that it is only a misinterpretation of ancient texts and that there are many ambiguities in the proposed theory’s logic.

The academic community, for its part, showed no interest in such revelations.

In fact, modern scholars are convinced that Plato’s Atlantis was not real. Thus, a world power that existed some 9,000 years ago before our time, “beyond the Pillars of Hercules,” is nothing more than pseudoscientific speculation.

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