A screenshot showing divers and the spaceship wreckage. YouTube/History.

VIDEO: Bermuda Triangle Dive Uncovers Spaceship Wreckage

A dive into the Bermuda Triangle led to a surprising discovery. Divers were searching for World War II Aircraft wreckage, but instead found pieces of a spaceship.


An investigation by the History Channel has uncovered a piece of debris from the 1986 Challenger explosion in the Bermuda Triangle. An aircraft wreckage partially buried in the sand is examined by two divers in a video clip shared by the History Channel. Most of the exposed wreckage is covered with 8-inch square tiles and rivets. As a result of their time in the ocean, the uppermost tiles are eroded and pitted. It has been confirmed by NASA officials that the wreckage used to be part of the Space Shuttle Challenger. A rubber O-ring seal failed in one of Challenger’s solid rocket boosters shortly after takeoff on January 28, 1986. There were seven astronauts aboard the shuttle when the rocket exploded. The divers were not searching for any shuttle remains at the time of the dive.


Not searching for Challenger

In fact, they were exploring the ocean floor in hopes of finding World War II aircraft wreckage. A noteworthy aspect of this site is that it was located far outside of what is usually considered to be part of the Bermuda Triangle. Due to sensational stories about the mysterious disappearance of ships, aircraft, and people, this imaginary triangle became a pop culture sensation in the mid-20th century. It later turned out that many of these stories were exaggerated. In reality, centuries of maritime mishap statistics reveal that the Bermuda Triangle is not really an anomaly – or at least, not any more than you’d expect from an area heavily trafficked by ships and hurricanes.


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