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Former Intelligence Official Claims U.S. Recovered “Non-Human Biologics” from UFO Crash Sites

The truth is out there. But is it this?


In what I believe is not a surprising set of revelations, former intelligence officials have claimed the U.S. recovered “non-human” “biologics” from UFO Crash sites.

The congressional hearing on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) that unfolded on July 26th presented an eye-opening dialogue involving three military veterans, unveiling allegations of a secretive US government program focused on reverse engineering recovered vessels.

Non-Human Biologics Recovered?

A former Air Force intelligence officer testified, claiming that the U.S. government ran a covert, multi-decade program to reverse engineer recovered vessels. He also insisted that non-human “biologics” had been retrieved from alleged crash sites. Despite the typical intrigue of “extraterrestrial life,” the hearing largely emphasized the necessity to refine UAP reporting processes.

UAPs: Sightings, Reporting and Government Oversight

But there was more to the story than just claims that the U.S. recovered “non-human biologics.” Various voices echoed the need to dispel the stigma associated with reporting UAP sightings by aviators. An urgent call was also raised to ensure better oversight of government programs investigating these phenomena. The term UAP has gradually evolved to refer to “anomalous” phenomena, acknowledging sightings in both air and water.


Retired Maj. David Grusch, once part of the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force, turned whistleblower, alleging restricted access to some government UFO programs. Despite this, he claimed knowledge of the “exact locations” of UAPs within U.S. possession.

Debunking Theories and Unveiling the Truth

While recent public interest has forced federal and military agencies to divulge a plethora of information regarding unexplained aircraft encounters, many sightings were determined to be commonplace, such as weather balloons, drones, or airborne trash. The Defense Department’s spokesperson Susan Gough dismissed the existence of any program centered around the possession or reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial materials.

Grusch continued his testimony, asserting the retrieval of “non-human” biological matter from the crafts’ pilots. He added that his beliefs were shaped by over 40 witnesses he interviewed in his four-year tenure with the UAP task force, offering a mix of photographic evidence, official documentation, and classified oral testimony – much of it allegedly kept hidden from Congress.

Testimonies on UAP Encounters

Former Navy fighter pilot Ryan Graves and retired Cmdr. David Fravor provided detailed accounts of their unexplained encounters with unidentified aircraft. Graves described a 2014 event involving an unknown object performing maneuvers far beyond our current technological capabilities. Both individuals called for more transparency, urging the development of a safe reporting system to encourage others to come forward.

The thrilling public hearing revealed the harsh reality of UAP sightings – not a rarity but an event far more commonplace than previously believed. The testimony left a lasting impact on the public and reinforced the pressing need for transparency around UAPs for national security.


The congressional hearing successfully stirred the national conversation on UAPs, with the involved veterans advocating for a transparent reporting system. As stated by ex-Navy pilot Graves, the American people deserve to know what’s happening in their skies. It’s a matter that cannot be brushed aside, as it carries significant implications for national security and scientific inquiry.

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