A bottomless pit

Mel’s Bottomless Pit: A Secret Portal to Another Dimension?

The man on whose land the alleged bottomless pit is located claimed he managed to measure its depth at 24,000 meters, and still not reach the bottom.


One of the most curious stories about portals to other dimensions and routes to the center of the Earth dates back to 1997 when a person named Mel Waters called the radio show Coast to Coast AM and told the host that he had encountered a bottomless pit while out fishing. The story is known today as the urban legend of the bottomless pit, and it became nothing other than a legend because of what followed after the call. But let me start from the beginning.

Obviously, stories of bottomless puts and worlds to the underworld attract attention, and Mel Water’s story did not disappoint. Following the interview, many people wanted to know more about it. Many wanted to know its location, and some were even ready to mount an expedition in search of what was located inside it.


A portal to another dimension?

Waters had claimed the bottomless pit was located on a rural property he owned in Ellensburg, Kittitas county. The pit, according to waters, was bottomless, and he came to this conclusion after allegedly trying to measure its depth using a finishing line and weights. In fact, as he had revealed to the radio show, he reached a depth of 2.4 kilometers and still did not find the bottom. And while the bottomless put story may not see as sensational on its own, waters claimed that the pit was a portal to another dimension, a sacred place with incredible magical properties.

The Birth of an urban legend?

The story went viral before viral was a thing. Waters allegedly appeared on Coast to Coast AM on several occasions, in 1997, 2000, and 2002. These appearances likely helped him cement his story and popularize the alleged existence of the pit even further. As the story became increasingly popular, people wanted to know more about it, and many wanted to find it. Although the exact location remains a mystery, many people claimed to have seen the pit with their own eyes. The story gained more attention, and reporters and journals got involved. Local news reporters set out to investigate but were met with a surprise. Their investigation showed that no public records existed of anyone called Mel Waters. No such person owns or owned a property in the county.


But what does science have to say about the existence of such a pit? Is it even possible? According to Jack Powell, a geologist at the State Department of Natural Resources, such a pit cannot exist. In fact, Powell claims it to be geologically impossible. As per Powell, such a pit would collapse into itself under incredible pressure and heat. And while Mel Waters’ pit is nothing other than a myth, check out some of the deepest holes in the world here, and check out the video below for more information about it.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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