An alleged photograph of the UFO above Lake Huron. Twitter.

Military Downs Several UFOs, U.S. General Doesn’t Rule Out Aliens  

The second week of February has been hectic for the UFO community. Four unidentified flying objects have been downed in the last eight days, raising questions about the nature of the objects.


After the United States military shot down an alleged spy balloon from China, several other unidentified objects were reportedly downed by the military. The nature of the objects remains an enigma as tensions between the United States and China increase. The latest UFO was downed by an F-16 fighter jet just above Lake Huron on Sunday. According to the Pentagon, the UFO is believed to have flown near a sensitive military site. The downing of the UFO came on President Bidens’ order.

The object above lake Huron was destroyed using a heat-seeking AIM-9x missile. The object was hovering at an altitude of 20,000 ft, representing a threat to civilian and military airspace. This is the fourth such object to have been shot down by the military, with three objects having been “commissioned” in the last three days. As to the origin of the recently downed objects, the Pentagon has acknowledged they do not know where they came from. However, when asked directly, a senior military official did not rule out that the origin of the UFOs could be extraterrestrial. According to CNN, General Glen VanHerck, commander of U.S. Northern Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) said, “I haven’t ruled out anything. At this point, we continue to assess every threat or potential threat unknown that approaches North America with an attempt to identify it.”

Origins: Unknown

In order to figure out where these objects came from, the Pentagon will attempt to recover the debris and analyze the technology at hand. The military, however, seems perplexed. “I’m not going to categorize them as balloons. We’re calling them objects for a reason. I’m not able to categorize how they stay aloft,” VanHerck added. So, what comes next? What exactly is going on above North America? Suppose these objects are indeed from countries such as China or Russia and were sent above the Continental United States for spying purposes. In that case, it should not come as a surprise since it is very likely that the military has had experience with such objects in the past. It isn’t as if these countries have only recently started spying on each other.

For now, this is nothing other than a guessing game, and there are more theories than answers concerning the mysterious downed objects. While Pentagon officials try to make sense of the downed objects and their origins, the UFO community remains alert. And as we attempt to understand why things have changed so drastically, there are two important things we need to ask. What exactly are these enigmatic objects, and why is it that, all of a sudden, the United States seems to be seeing more such objects and shooting them down?


An alleged video of the latest object shot down can be seen below.

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