Giant Triangle UFO

Mojave’s Enigma: The Unexplained Giant Triangular UFO

In the vast, starlit expanse of the Mojave Desert, military servicemen bore witness to an intriguing spectacle. An immense, triangular UFO carved its presence into the night sky, presenting an enigma that refuses to be downplayed as a mere flare or airplane.


Less than two weeks past, respected UFOlogists Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp unveiled a contentious UFO video. Critics were quick to dismiss it as mere flares. However, new reports assert a colossal, soundless triangle was indeed witnessed over the arid expanse of the Mojave desert.

The timing of the sighting coincided with a military training day in the locale. Initial skeptics emphasized the synchronicity of events and training as grounds to dismiss the phenomenon as mere flares. This theory falls flat when considering two major inconsistencies: the uncharacteristic duration of the event, and the vehement denial by military witnesses that flares were involved. Instead, they affirm a triangular silhouette was the source of illumination.


Further Testimony Dismisses Skepticism

Corbell and Knapp, eager to strengthen their case against detractors, have presented additional accounts from the Marines involved in the peculiar event. “It remained for roughly 30 or 35 minutes, quite a while,” shared a Marine. “Absolutely not flares, 100% sure. It resembled an alien craft, making no sound. I’ve never seen such before.”

Mojave’s Giant Triangular UFO

Regarding its dimensions, the eyewitness gauged the airborne triangle’s size in relation to the mountain it eclipsed, hinting at its enormity. “No less than 75 yards or two football fields in dimension,” he surmised. “It was definitely a UFO, something we couldn’t identify.” He shed light on the strange activities of the night, labeling it as “hectic.” “There was a convoy that night headed towards the object. Around 50 to 70 trucks, and helicopters swarming the skies. An anomaly not linked to routine training,” he added. “It seemed they were gearing to intercept it; it was wild.” Another Marine, a data system technician, confirmed that the stationary lights they viewed belonged to a tangible object and were not flares. “Given the distance and size, it was roughly the magnitude of a football field,” he stated.

Uniform Accounts and Intriguing Questions

All other witnesses recount a consistent narrative of an unidentified dark triangle, defined by illuminations on its sides, hovering for around 30 minutes. Every account unequivocally dismissed the flare theory and underscored the abnormal response to this unidentified flying triangle’s presence in a military zone.


The video

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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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