A view of the map of the cosmic microwave background across the sky. Image Credit: ESA and the Planck Collaboration.

This Cosmology Model Suggests the Existence of an ‘Antiuniverse’ Where Time Runs Backwards

The study suggests that in the CPT-symmetric model, time and space move continuously across the big bang, and the antiuniverse that exists in the negative time direction acts as a mirror reflection of our Universe.


Exploring a Mirror Image of Our Universe: The Antiuniverse Theory

Scientists from the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada have introduced a groundbreaking cosmological model suggesting that our universe has a mirror image in the form of an antiuniverse, which existed long before the Big Bang. This theory challenges our understanding of time, space, and the dominance of matter over antimatter in the cosmos.

A Quest for Symmetry: Understanding the CPT Theory

Our universe appears to be lopsided, contradicting the fundamental CPT symmetry that states physics remains unchanged when time, space, and matter-antimatter are flipped. In this new theory, Latham Boyle, Kieran Finn, and Neil Turok propose that the Big Bang marked the beginning of an antiuniverse where time runs in the opposite direction and antimatter dominates space.


CPT-Symmetric Model: An Alternative to Inflation

The CPT-symmetric model, as reported by Physics, is not only consistent with the known cosmic expansion history but also provides a simple explanation for dark matter. This model serves as an alternative to inflation theory, which suggests that our universe underwent a brief period of exponential growth immediately following the Big Bang. Although the rapid expansion can explain several observations made throughout the universe, it requires the existence of additional, hypothetical quantum fields.

Time and Space Across the Big Bang: A Mirror Reflection

Boyle and his colleagues argue that their new model can explain the early evolution of the universe without necessitating significant changes to our understanding of physics. In the CPT-symmetric model, time and space move continuously across the Big Bang, with the antiuniverse in the negative time direction acting as a mirror reflection of our universe. However, the researchers still need to demonstrate how their model can reproduce various observations explained by the inflation model, such as the uniformity of the cosmos on large scales.

Dark Matter and the CPT-Symmetric Model


The new CPT-Symmetric model offers a natural explanation for dark matter, as such, a universe would generate large numbers of very massive sterile neutrinos. This research has been published in Physical Review Letters and represents a significant step in our understanding of the cosmos and its origins.

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