UFO over Colombia. Arteaga.

Pilot Speaks Out: Exclusive Insight into Startling UFO Encounter Over Colombia

Jorge A. Arteaga, the pilot who filmed the recent Viral UFO Video over Colombia, shares his experience and reveals it was not a balloon, drone, or any other kind of aircraft.


The pilot responsible for filming the remarkable UFO video in mid-air over Colombia that took the world by storm has stepped forward, offering new details about the encounter that will leave you questioning what’s really out there. Based on his accounts, and after watching the video almost a hundred times, taking into consideration weather conditions and the position of the Sun, as well as other factors, I honestly believe that we could actually be looking at a genuine, unique, maybe even one-of-a-kind UFO sighting. 

Colombian Pilot Shares Firsthand Account of UFO Sighting


The now-famous UFO footage, captured in Colombia and known as “UAP V” due to its distinctive shape, has been the subject of much debate and speculation. But the mystery deepens as the pilot behind the video, Jorge A. Arteaga, comes forward to share his experience.


Mexican Ufologist Uncovers the Truth Behind the UFO over Colombia

Jaime Maussan, a respected Mexican ufologist, located pilot Jorge A. Arteaga and confirmed the video’s authenticity. Arteaga corrected earlier reports, stating that he, not a Colombian model, recorded the encounter on his cell phone.

Pilot Recounts the Unforgettable Encounter with UFO over Colombia

Arteaga revealed that the UFO was initially stationary, floating in the air between Medellín and Santa Fe. He and his co-pilot, Daniel, observed the object as it approached their aircraft. Arteaga then maneuvered the plane to follow the UFO, capturing the incredible footage in the process.

Arteaga Debunks Common Theories About the UFO


Despite various theories suggesting the object was a balloon or drone, Arteaga refutes these claims. He emphasized that the object’s behavior and characteristics did not match any known balloon, drone, or aircraft. The full interview with Arteaga will be released on Jaime Maussan’s program, Tercer Milenio, next Sunday.

As more details surrounding the stunning UFO encounter emerge, the world watches with bated breath. Will this firsthand account from the pilot himself finally provide the answers we’ve been searching for, or will the mystery continue to grow?

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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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