The Real Sleeping Beauty

The Girl Who Slept for 9 Years — The “Real Sleeping Beauty”

This is the incredible story of a young girl who fell asleep at the age of 11, and remained asleep for nine years.


The world is full of strange things, mysteries, and incredible stories. Some are true, and others remain just stories that people like to recount. But this story is not just one of those that people like to recount. You’d ask, but how can someone sleep for nine years? Indeed this must be a hoax. Well, let me introduce you to the story of Ellen Sadler, a girl who fell asleep and slept for nine years.

Ellen Sandler is often referred to as the “real sleeping beauty” or “the Sleeping Girl of Turville.” She lived from 1859 until 1901 in Turville, in the United Kingdom. Her incredible, hard-to-believe case became famous internationally, attracting attention not only from people all over the country but also from newspapers and medical professionals beyond national borders.


The sleeping beauty

At the age of eleven, after her family had sent her to work as a nursemaid, the young girl began feeling weird and experienced numerous periods of weakness. She was treated at a hospital, but her condition was deemed incurable. A few days later, Ellen had several seizures. Soon after, as per her mother, the young girl fell asleep. But she did not wake up after a few hours. In fact, she kept sleeping on and on.

Her story became popular, and people would come to see for themselves a sleeping beauty that seemed not to wake up. As years passed, the story went from amazement to a hoax, and many people claimed this was something staged. But it was not. In fact, in the late 1880s, after Ellens’s mother had passed, the girl woke up. She seemed to have fully recovered from whatever she was suffering, and a few years later, she married and had several children. The video below tells the story of the young girl.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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