Screenshot from a declassified video of a UFO encounter in 2004.

5 Times Astronauts Saw Strange “UFOs” in Space

Scientists have said, not long ago, that UFOs deserve to be studied with the highest scientific rigor.


We hear news about “UFO” sightings more often than ever. These reports originate from around the world. Reports of such events exist from the most ancient periods of human history but today, in the digital age, the phenomenon is exposed like never before. Despite this, we are led to believe that UFOs are no more than a figment of our imagination. But UFO sightings do not occur only on Earth.

Many astronauts have also claimed to have seen “UFOs” during their missions in space. While the governments easily hide these stories and we can always consider them attempts to gain attention, perhaps the real truth about some sightings is different and it is being purposely hidden from us.


Here are 5 times astronauts allegedly saw strange “UFOs” in space.

1. Neil Armstong & Edwin Aldrin during their Moon landing

For many years, the story told by Neil Armstrong was covered in secret as NASA did not want to cause panic. According to the famous astronauts, they encountered a couple of UFOs when they landed on the moon.

Apparently, the UFOs were watching them during their entire mission on the Moon. For many years, this was just a myth but decades later, it was confirmed by a NASA official.

According to Armstrong’s further intel, there was an alien base on the Moon and they even encountered these aliens who told them to leave immediately.

It does sound like a good movie script but apparently, at least the part with the UFO sightings is true. At least, this is what has been confirmed as of today.

2. Frank Borman & James Lovell

During a mission of Gemini 7 in 1965, astronauts Frank Borman and James Lovell reported a sighting that ufologists believe was a real UFO. In the transmission, it was referred to as a “bogey” and Borman claimed it to be a separate spacecraft.

Once the mission ended, Borman claimed that it was not a real UFO but a mistake. Who knows, perhaps he was forced to hide the truth behind this sighting.


3. Ed White & James McDivitt

Another “UFO” sighting was reported in 1965 from a completely different Gemini mission. This time, it was during a test run over Hawaii and the reports were of a metallic object with huge arms.

McDivitt allegedly took several photos of the object which have never been released to the public. The more interesting part about this occurrence is the fact that his partner Ed White was sleeping during the sighting.

4. Joseph A. Walker

This is a name we hear a lot when talking about UFO sightings. He was a NASA pilot and an astronaut who was sent on direct missions to detect and photograph UFOs. At least, this is what Walker claims himself.

He is credited with filming not less than five sightings during one of his missions although none of the films have ever been released to the public. Of course…

5. Major Gordon Cooper

Known as the last American astronaut to fly in a solo mission in space, Gordon Cooper has perhaps the most trustworthy UFO sighting story out of all we discussed.

The reported sighting happened on the final orbit around the planet during one of his solo missions in a Mercury capsule.

He claims to have witnessed a green glowing object traveling at high speed towards his capsule. Why do we believe that this might be a truly genuine UFO sighting?

Unlike all previous occasions that we discussed, this UFO was caught by Cooper’s scanner. It was directly reported to the space station on Earth and even more, the journalists that interviewed Gordon were forbidden to ask about the sighting.

We know that Cooper genuinely believed in the existence of aliens and UFOs as he allegedly had an earlier sighting more than a decade before he saw the glowing object in space. He claimed to have seen extremely maneuverable saucer-shaped ships during a test flight in Germany.


Major Gordon Cooper is also one of the few astronauts to ever speak about the truth behind UFO sightings. He revealed several major secrets during a taped interview years later, claiming that he was forced to keep all sightings a secret.

He also claimed that American radars capture UFOs on a daily basis but all remain hidden from the public as the government does not want to cause panic.

All in all, I believe it is only a matter of time before the government fails to hide a genuine sighting. Sooner or later, they would be forced to reveal information and knowledge that has been subject to countless conspiracies during the past 60-70 years.

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Written by Vladislav Tchakarov

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