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Former Marine Witnessed Covert US Forces Loading UFO With Weapons

A former US marine recounts an unusual incident involving a mysterious, weapons-laden UFO in Indonesia in 2009.


In an unprecedented revelation, Michael Herrera, an ex-Marine, recalls how he and his five-member team allegedly witnessed an unidentified flying object that was being loaded with weapons, while on duty in Indonesia back in 2009. Their encounter was followed by a threatening confrontation with unknown US forces, marking a chilling incident in their military service.

Unusual Sighting during Humanitarian Mission

Herrera, who was stationed on a humanitarian mission following the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Sumatra, discloses how he and his unit encountered an octagonal, hovering craft purportedly crewed by undercover US forces. The extraordinary event occurred while they were safeguarding an aid supply drop outside Padang city in October 2009.

After 14 years of reticence, Herrera has decided to break his silence. Encouraged by new protections for UFO whistleblowers, he officially testified under oath in April before the government’s UFO investigative team, the All Domains Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), and a Senate committee. Backing his claims, Herrera presented his spotless four-year service record and correspondence relating to the incident with a reluctant fellow witness who feared jeopardizing his life and family’s safety.

Validation of Peripheral Facts

Through its military sources, the Daily Mail confirmed some aspects of Herrera’s story. However, the 33-year-old Denver native lacks tangible proof or photographs of the actual incident.

Herrera’s journey as a Marine started straight after high school. Less than two years into his service, he was deployed to the Philippines with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit to assist with typhoon relief. When a 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit Sumatra on September 30, 2009, his 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, 2nd Platoon from Echo Co. was dispatched to safeguard humanitarian aid drops around Padang city, plagued by local insurgent violence.


A massive UFO was loaded with weapons

During their mission, around October 8, Herrera and his team were heli-dropped at a clearing in Padang city’s northeast region. They climbed a ridge to their assigned positions for the supply drop, and that’s when Herrera spotted a peculiar object across the hill in the jungle.

Herrera narrates how he saw the object, as large as a football field, changing colors and emitting a peculiar hum. This octagonal craft with a pyramid top featured scales, sharp edges, and Vantablack-like panels. As Herrera and his team ventured closer, they were intercepted by eight unidentified men in all-black armor, wielding M4 rifles with high-end night vision attachments.

The Confrontation and Threat

Upon confrontation, the mysterious troops seized their weapons, scanned their military IDs, and loaded large containers onto a platform beneath the craft. The ship lifted off the ground, flashed lights of varying colors, and sped off silently at a remarkable speed. Shaken by the experience, Herrera and his team were ordered to retreat and not look back.

Back at their aid drop site, they faced reprimands from their artillery sergeant for returning early but kept mum about their unsettling encounter. Herrera recalls his fear and confusion, struggling with how to explain the situation.

UFO silence: Post-Incident Interrogation and Silencing

Once aboard the USS Denver, Herrera’s unit faced questions from an unrecognized rear admiral. Herrera’s camera’s memory card and battery, along with his comrades’ phones, went missing. Later in Okinawa, Japan, an unnamed Air Force lieutenant colonel warned Herrera against discussing the incident, sealing his silence with an NDA.


Herrera, who successfully served four years in the Navy and earned various medals, now leads a private security company, Valkyrie Eye. His public confession coincides with a recent claim from a former intelligence official about the US recovering and reverse-engineering crashed non-human spacecraft.

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