A photograph showing the alleged UFOs over London. Image Credit> UFO Sightings Footage.

Global UFO Presence Confirmed by Senior Space Force Official, Urges International Unity

UFOs are real, and they are everywhere. We need to work on an international level, collaborate between countries, in order to better understand these enigmatic objects.


Global UFO Presence: Space Force Official Calls for Global Cooperation on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

A senior Space Force official emphasizes the need for international collaboration on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), acknowledging their global presence.

Major General John Olson Discusses Unexplained Sightings

Major General John Olson, Mobilization Assistant to the Space Force Chief of Space Operations, admitted to witnessing unexplained phenomena during his numerous flight hours in 83 different aircraft. Olson called for increased international cooperation and information exchange, as UAPs are not limited to occurrences within the United States.


Encouraging Collaboration through AARO and the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization

Olson suggested that fostering cooperation and collaboration could be achieved through the United States Congress and the dedicated office at the Pentagon, AARO. He compared the necessary partnership to the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization, an effort led by 193 national governments to support air transport diplomacy and cooperation. He highlighted the importance of seizing this opportunity.


Global UFO Presence: San Marino’s Project Titan and the UN Permanent Office for UAPs

Following San Marino’s approval of Project Titan, the nation will propose the creation of a permanent UN office responsible for organizing periodic global conferences dedicated to the scientific study of UAPs.

The Search for Life and Humanity’s Exploration

Olson spoke about the implications of UAPs and humanity’s pursuit of understanding other forms of life, which he believes are likely to exist. He emphasized the importance of exploration and discovery, as evidenced by probes that have left the solar system and ongoing lunar missions.

Global UFO Presence: Department of Defense and Funding for UAP Investigations

Discussing the Department of Defense’s (DoD) ongoing efforts to investigate UAPs, Olson expressed optimism despite budgetary concerns within Congress regarding AARO. He believes the effort will receive increased funding and support within the department. This statement coincides with the announcement of a public hearing on UAPs by the Senate Subcommittee on Threats and Emerging Capabilities, scheduled for April 19, where AARO funding will be discussed.


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