A google Earth image of the alleged base. Credit: Curiosmos- Google Earth.

Is there a submerged UFO base off the coast of California?

This region has long been a hotspot for unusual sightings...


In the sun-drenched expanses of Southern California’s coastline, a discovery made in 2014 has transformed the idyllic Malibu from just a paradise for beach-goers and nature enthusiasts into a central hub for one of the most riveting mysteries in the realm of extraterrestrial research. This region, known for its stunning beaches, premier surfing spots, and picturesque hiking trails, now also harbors a compelling enigma – a structure submerged in the ocean depths, which some assert could be one of the most convincing pieces of evidence yet of alien presence on Earth.

A Google Earth Find

In the vast digital landscape of Google Maps, a tool often used by UFO enthusiasts to scour the Earth for the unusual and unexplained, an intriguing discovery was made. Among the various peculiar sites identified worldwide, one particular location off Southern California’s coast stood out, raising more questions than answers. This alleged underwater base, discerned from the comfort of their screens, captivated those in search of extraterrestrial evidence, positioning itself as a potential hotspot for uncovering the unknown.

Situated approximately six miles off the Malibu coast, this structure, later termed the Malibu USO (Unidentified Submersible Object) base, immediately captured the imagination of UFO researchers and enthusiasts worldwide. What was particularly striking about this discovery was the detailed satellite imagery that depicted an almost too-perfect, oval-shaped, flat-topped structure, supported by what appeared to be sturdy pillars, plunging deep into the ocean bed.

The Puzzling Phenomena and Theories Surrounding the Malibu USO Base

This region has long been a hotspot for unusual sightings, with locals and tourists frequently reporting unexplained lights and objects skimming the water’s surface, especially around Point Dume. These reports have sparked a myriad of theories, with the most prominent being the concept of trans-medium travel – suggesting these unidentified objects possess the capability to navigate both air and water effortlessly. This theory posits that what we’re witnessing could be the operations of beings from another world, using the ocean’s depths as a shield from human detection.


While the scientific community remains divided, some researchers lean towards the possibility that these phenomena are not mere coincidences or natural occurrences. They suggest that these frequent, unexplained sightings, coupled with the presence of the anomalous undersea structure, could indeed point towards an extraterrestrial operation base. This theory is bolstered by the advanced features observed in the structure, which seem beyond our current human architectural capabilities, especially considering its deep-sea location.

Enigma Off the Coast of Malibu

In conclusion, the Malibu USO Base remains a captivating mystery, bridging the gap between natural wonder and the potential for otherworldly existence. Whether this structure is an alien base, an unexplained geological formation, or something else entirely, it continues to spark curiosity and debate among scientists, UFO enthusiasts, and casual observers alike. What lies beneath the waves off the coast of Southern California might hold answers to questions we have long pondered about our universe and our place within it. Or, as skeptics would have it, it is nothing other than a mixture of pareidolia with satellite imagery glitches.

Curiously, ten years ago, earthquake geologist David Schwartz of the U.S. Geological Survey revealed his doubts about the alleged base. To him, this is nothing other than a natural formation, and there is nothing special about it. Speaking to Huff post, Schwartz said: “”I didn’t see anything special about it. I think it’s because it looks like there’s a flat surface and then, below it, it looks like there are these vertical columns, so somebody can say, ‘Oh, this is the entryway to something special.'”


This intriguing discovery, while potentially just a natural formation, sparks considerable curiosity. It reminds us to keep our eyes open, or in this modern age, to diligently explore digital tools like Google Maps. Perhaps one day, such a platform might just unveil a definitive UFO presence on Earth – the possibilities are endless and ever-fascinating.

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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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