Nat Geo Photographer Says He Encountered Advanced Underwater Aliens

National Geographic director of underwater photography, and member of OceanX has revealed in a video he encountered "underwater aliens" that were much "more advanced than humans." Check out the videos in the link.


The UFO subject has become entirely liberal in the last few years. Never before have people had the freedom to speak out about Unidentified Flying Objects, Close Encounters, and potential alien sightings on Earth. A Subject that was once deeply shrouded in a conspiracy has now become the subject of study for science, the military, and governments worldwide.

Videos have surfaced where we see pilots chasing down flying objects that can perform outlandish maneuvers, accelerating at incredible speeds, making nearly impossible turns, or stopping mid-air. Pilots have described the objects they’ve encountered in the air as “unlike anything they’ve ever seen.” But stories about aliens and UFOs don’t seem to plan on stopping anytime soon.

It was reported by the IBT in 2019 (the article has since been deleted, and the reason why, according to IBT, is that it did not meet the IBT’s Editorial Standards) that a Nat Geo photographer and member of the OceanX team has encountered underwater aliens during his diving assignments. According to the photographer, the alien beings resemble stingrays, although they appear much more advanced than humans. This is according to Luis Lamar, National Geographic’s director of underwater photography and member of OceanX.

Update 2023: Why the secrecy?

I decided to follow up on the reports from 2019 and discovered that IBT and the video where Mr. Lamar made the claims had since been removed from the internet. My question is, why? Although no longer available on YouTube, the video can be accessed via this Reddit. It would seem that a lot of effort has been put into removing the video from social media, and websites with lots of reputations, like IBT, have gone to great lengths to remove the story from their publication. This leads me to ponder about world-renowned news agencies and whether they control what’s in the news and what’s not. This emphasizes the importance of supporting independent journalism and independent news agencies.

Screenshot of the video where Lamar speaks about the "aliens" creatures.
Screenshot of the video where Lamar speaks about the “alien” creatures.

Different lifeforms?

According to his website, the underwater photographer “has sent robotic camera systems into one of the deepest ocean trenches on earth & he has logged hundreds of hours in crewed submarines, including on five expeditions with the U.S. Navy’s deepest-diving manned research submersible ALVIN, diving beyond 12,000 feet deep in the abyss to photograph environments at the edges of the ocean frontier.” Lamar’s claims were presented in a short video by his company, where the underwater photographer speaks about the different lifeforms he has encountered beneath the surface. And while describing the numerous strange marine species he saw beneath the ocean, he discussed encountering what appeared to be alien beings, much more advanced than humans.

What he says in the video about aliens

“I’ve seen giant deep-sea arachnids, venomous sea snakes far offshore with, like bright yellow heads,” Lamar revealed. “Sharks in a frenzy, Orcas swarming around me,” the underwater photographer continued. “Some sort of, you know, hyper-advanced aquatic alien creatures inhabiting the shallow waters, which almost look like stingrays.” But although he has faced many ‘terrifying’ creatures while cataloging the beauties of our oceans, Lamar still argues the oceans are an incredible place to explore and be in. But the claims made by Lamar are the first encounters.

US Navy Encounters and Aliens?

A report released in January 2019 suggested that the United States Nuclear Submarines have had their fair share of encounters with 0unidentified submerged objects, also known as USOs. The report, released by the War Zone, details encounters of US Navy personnel with Unidentified Submerged Objects. As detailed in the report, one encounter reveals how an attack submarine patrolling the North Atlantic picked up a fast-moving object in the water. Although the military personnel could not identify the object, the report does suggest whatever it was. It was moving through the water at a speed of several hundred knots.


Sunken Alien Spaceships?

In 2018, it was reported that a shipwreck explorer and star of Discovery Channel’s documentary series “Cooper’s Treasure,” Darrel Miklos, encountered the crashed remains of an Alien spaceship inside the infamous Bermuda Triangle. Using maps drawn by former NASA Astronaut Gordon Cooper to identify magnetic anomalies, Miklos has been hunting for shipwrecks in the Caribbean. It was revealed that during one particular dive in the Bahamas, the Discovery Channel explorer came across a massive unidentified submerged object. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Miklos revealed: “It was a formation unlike anything I’ve ever seen related to shipwreck material; it was too big for that.”

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