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Massive UFO with Portals Sighted from Warship

In the mid-1950s, a former navy officer reported an extraordinary sighting of a massive UFO hovering silently over his warship in the ocean. The saucer-shaped ship extended as two city blocks and had openings or portals around it. After the incident, the officer was threatened by three men in suits, warning him not to speak about it. This sighting is just one of many reports of unexplained phenomena and unidentified flying objects that have sparked curiosity and fascination around the world.


A former navy officer’s extraordinary story of seeing a massive UFO in the mid-1950s has been recounted by Congressman Tim Burchett during an interview with Project Unity. Congressman Burchett is an advocate for the declassification of information about UFOs. The former Navy officer told Congressman Burchet to have seen a saucer-shaped ship, extending as two city blocks, hovering silently over his ship in the ocean. After the incident, three men in black threatened him, warning that he could end up in jail if he spoke about it.

Extraordinary story

According to Burchett, he received a call from an older gentleman who had never shared the story with anyone except his wife. The former navy officer recounted how a submarine approached the Navy vessel, and fired a missile before a huge saucer-shaped ship appeared, hovering silently above his ship. The ship had openings or portals around it and then disappeared without a sound. When the navy officer returned to port, he was questioned by three men in suits who warned him not to speak about what he had seen.


It’s worth noting that encounters with men in black often occur in small groups of three. It’s possible that these individuals were forced to intercede before the spectacular event that had taken place. This story is consistent with more modern events, such as the Nimitz UFO case in 2004, where several officers reported that unknown individuals showed up shortly after the incident and confiscated all recordings and videos.

UFO motherships?

Burchett’s statement on this case comes shortly after the director of the Pentagon’s newly founded UFO office submitted a report suggesting the possibility of extraterrestrial motherships in our solar system launching probes and other smaller objects. These reports are becoming increasingly prevalent, sparking curiosity and fascination around the world.

The idea of extraterrestrial life visiting Earth is not new. UFO sightings and unexplained phenomena have been reported for decades, leading many to believe that there is intelligent life beyond our planet. However, it’s only in recent years that the US government has taken these reports seriously, with the creation of the UFO office and the release of previously classified information.


The video interview

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