Russia shot down a UJFO. This is a photo of it.

Russia Claims to Have Shot Down a Spherical UFO

Russia claims to have shot down a sphere-shaped UFO. The origin of the object remains shrouded in mystery.


Russia claims to have shot down a UFO far from Ukraine’s border.

In what many people claim is the UFO story of the decade, the Russian military has reportedly shot down UFO over its national air space. Russian air defenses protecting the air space above the Rostov area were ordered to shoot at an unidentified flying object. The object shot down was a small-sized sphere, according to various reports. The object’s origin remains a mystery, and by no means does it mean that Russia has shot down a spacecraft from another world, which is what many news outlets are presuming. The news of the downed UFO was shared by Rostov Oblast Governor Vasily Golubev on Telegram. As per the information shared, the object was spotted flying above the village of Sultan Sala. In his telegram post, Golubev wrote: “I urge everyone to remain calm. To ensure security, all forces and means are involved. The sky is covered with anti-aircraft defenses.”

Russa shot down a UFO; now what?

There is no other information concerning the nature or origin of the object. News outlets have only reported in the last few days that the object was probably shaped like a ball. And while the alien theory is the most exotic, it is very unlikely. In fact, most Russians believe that the object was a Ukrainian drone. However, this has yet to be confirmed or denied. A UFO has been shot down; now what? It is highly unlikely that the Russian government will share any information about the object if anything of it remains. If the object was indeed otherworldly technology, then it probably isn’t the best introduction we were supposed to give out. Although the area around Rostov is known for its mysteries concerning the UFO phenomenon, never before has the military attempted to shoot one down before. That is until now.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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