Is our consciousness connected to the brain's energy field? Let's find out!

Scientists Say That Consciousness Resides Within Our Brains Energy Field

Is our consciousness connected to the energy fields of our brain? This is the subject of a curious new theory.


Mind-body dualism is one of the oldest questions in philosophy. Is it possible to answer the thorny question of the essence of human consciousness through simple electromagnetic waves? A dualist scientist believes this and suggests that the human mind is a combination of physical matter and an electromagnetic field. This is a big question and the proposed answer is contradictory.

Surrey University’s Johnjoe McFadden “argues that consciousness is actually the energy field of the brain,” the university said in a statement, turning McFadden’s dualism into a matter of matter and energy, the institution said, not the classical distinction. body and mind ”. Throughout history, philosophers around the world have tried to explain the peculiar apparent nature of human beings.

Where do our self-consciousness and our consciousness come from? People who believe that everything exists physically and is caused are called materialists, which means, according to them, that there is nothing extra that cannot be measured – what you see and touch, this is the real, this also applies to humans.

Dualists, however, believe that there is something extra. The mind, dualists say, is separate in some way. This can mean a separate, immeasurable being, such as a living soul, for example, that lives after death.

The idea of ​​a scientific explanation of mind-body dualism is certainly not new, but McFadden’s study, published in the journal Neuroscience of Consciousness, is the latest to try to shed light on the subject.


“I argue here that almost all examples of so-called integrated information, including neural information processing and conventional computing, are integrated only in time in the sense that the outputs are connected to multiple inputs: the integration of information takes place over time, not space and thus cannot correspond to physically integrated information. I point out that only energy fields are capable of integrating information into space.”

In general, McFadden says he does not believe that the physical structures in the brain take into account how information spreads through our “minds” and forms integrated ideas. This, he says, must happen in the added environment of the brain’s electromagnetic field.

And all this, says McFadden, is supported by experiments on the nature of brain activity and consciousness. That sounds incredible, and it’s really amazing, but McFadden is a molecular geneticist and follows a centuries-old tradition of introducing the absolute latest knowledge into a new theory of what makes us human.

This means that as long as the human brain is alive, McFadden says, it generates an electric glow in which real human things happen. And best of all, his theory is laboratory-verifiable.

“Of course, there are many unanswered questions, such as the degree of synchronicity needed to encode conscious thoughts, the effects of drugs or anesthetics on the seven fields, or whether the seven fields are causally active in the animal’s brain,” he explained. “Yet the theory provides a new paradigm in which consciousness is rooted in an entirely physical, measurable, and artificially pliable physical structure and is subject to experimental testing.


You can read the entire research paper on the subject HERE.

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