Will the new UFO Office be able to answer the questions about UAPs? Credit: DepositPhotos

Senator Proposes Creation of More Expansive Military and Intelligence Program to Study UFOs

A new 'UFO Office' with unlimited resources and capabilities might be able to find real answers where others have failed in the past.


Will we ever find out the truth about UFOs? The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force program, which was founded last year, apparently did not find much about the hundreds of incidents that were being analyzed and studied. The official UFO Report from earlier this year revealed absolutely nothing.

Now, something interesting is happening at the U.S. Congress. Few things can get Republicans and Democrats in agreement but the need for answers about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or as we call them – UFOs, might be enough. 


A new ‘UFO Office’ could look into the hundreds of unexplained sightings

In the latest bipartisan effort, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand came out with a curious proposal – the creation of a new program dubbed the Anomaly Surveillance and Resolution Office.

The senator proposed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act for 2022 which would give the new office the necessary funding for a full-scale investigation. No previous program has had the resources and capabilities that have been proposed for ASRO.

Namely, the UFO office will continue the work of the UAP Task Force but with help from the entire U.S. Military. This means, for example, that the U.S. Navy will be tasked with investigations on the field. There will be a new procedure for reporting sightings and the whole operation will be coordinated between the UFO Office and all other federal agencies and departments.


Senator Gillibrand explained the need for answers. We have no clue whether the advanced technologies exhibited by the UFOs are secretly in possession of a nation or they are, in fact, evidence of alien presence on Earth. If a country has such technologies, it should be publicly known.

What will the new program include?

The most pleasing part about the creation of this so-called UFO Office is that all the work will be done transparently. There will be classified and unclassified reports twice a year and besides the participating members from federal agencies and departments, there will also be an advisory committee from agencies like NASA, the National Academies of Science, Harvard, etc.

Curiously, the new amendment does not stop with UAPs. The UFO Office will also investigate the so-called Unidentified Submarine Objects, which have also become a thing since US Navy pilots witnessed such an object in 2004. During the sighting, the pilots allegedly eyewitnessed two separate crafts. One was in the sky and resembled a typical UFO while the second one was underwater. According to their reports, the two crafts were interacting somehow.

Even more curious is the fact that the UFO office will not be a permanent program. The proposal suggests that it will exist for just 6 years after it is officially established. Perhaps if the investigations make significant progress and we see results, it will be extended. For now, we will have to wait and see if it will even be accepted but it appears that lawmakers from both sides agree on the need for answers.

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