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UFO Activity Linked to US Nuclear Installations, Study Finds

Research reveals heightened UFO incidents at nuclear weapons sites during the Cold War.


The UFO subject has become so popular in recent years that it is hard to believe that half-a-decade ago, it was considered hogwash and conspiracy nonsense. The more we look into the subject of UFOs, the more we are educated and left surprised.

Recent investigations conducted by the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU) suggest a notable correlation between US nuclear warfare facilities and unidentified flying object (UFO) occurrences, particularly during the peak years of the Cold War.

Understanding UFO Intentions

For almost 80 years, one puzzling question about UFOs has persisted: Do their actions suggest a deliberate strategy? A recent SCU study was aimed at illuminating this very enigma, exploring the interaction between UFO sightings and America’s crucial atomic warfare infrastructure.

Drawing from historical academic research and official government records, the study centered on incidents reported from 1945 to 1975. Remarkably, the SCU’s earlier research, labeled the “UAP Pattern Recognition Study: 1945-1975 US Military Atomic Warfare Complex”, unearthed a surge in UFO sightings at locations where nuclear advancements were in progress. Such a trend was notably absent in prior governmental or academic evaluations.


UFO Sightings: A Closer Look

These UFO activities predominantly took place at American missile development arenas, testing sites, during the pioneering deployment of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs), and Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicle (MIRV) warheads.

On the flip side, traditional military bases that lacked atomic arsenals showed no such increased UFO incidents during the examined timeframe. Moreover, the initial flurry of reports at nuclear weapon repositories and production facilities waned over the years.

Interestingly, there was no discernible trend in UFOs engaging with military aircraft. Instead, unusual activity spiked as new missile delivery systems emerged, particularly during the creation of international ballistic missile structures and as missiles were equipped with multiple nuclear warheads.

Conclusions Drawn

After an exhaustive evaluation, the SCU deduced that these UFO sightings likely represent a calculated examination of the US nuclear weapon system and its combat potential.

In their recent statement, the SCU elaborated, “The methodology adopted for this analysis mirrors techniques employed by the national intelligence sector for threat assessments. This approach aids in evaluating reports of events that are sporadic and difficult to replicate.”


You can download the paper by clicking here.

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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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