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US Navy Witness Says UFOs Behaved Like No Drone Would Ever

The Navy witness stressed that the nearest land is well beyond the range of any known quadcopter drone. So it is likely that they came from somewhere in the ocean itself. 


UFOs are a hotly debated subject. This has been the case for several years, as more and more people come forward to reveal their experiences with the phenomenon. With new laws and regulations in place, it is easier than ever to report a sighting. Furthermore, government and military officials need not worry any longer whether their reports go against government regulations. It seems that UFO transparency comes now first. Having this sad, a crewmember from the USS Paul Hamilton has recently revealed new details of a mass UFO sighting that took place on the Navy Destroyer. The man who served about the Paul Hamilton explained that a swarf of UFOs surrounded the destroyer at one point and that the objects in question performed maneuvers as no drone could ever do.

The witness, who spoke out anonymously with UFO investigators Jermey Corbel and George Knapp, explained that the mysterious flying objects did not behave like a reconnaissance drone during the incident in 2019. The witness also revealed that instead of hovering over the warship and then returning to its base station, the objects were arriving and departing on a different course, which is strange… “If you deploy a drone to go check something, it will return directly to the starting point.”


Corbell explained the sailor had told him that these objects were not identifiable, so they had to call them one way or the other. This is why they are referred to as UAS, unmanned aircraft systems, since the objects were too small for any human to fit inside them. While this description would certainly suggest we are looking at some sort of drone, it is noteworthy the sailor stressed that the nearest land is well beyond the range of any known quadcopter drone. So it is likely that they came from somewhere in the ocean itself.

Knapp, on the other hand, explained that the movement of the objects suggests they can manipulate space-time and gravity. Although it isn’t entirely impossible that these objects are indeed some sort of top-secret technology developed by the West, the sole fact that some of these UFOs have been filmed flying in and out of the ocean at remarkable speed, defying, therefore, our known laws of physics, we cannot rule out that what we are looking at there is indeed technology that was built not on Earth.

Check out the video below.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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