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Vatican Academy to Probe Mystical Phenomena, From Weeping Statues to Ghost Sightings

The Vatican has announced the formation of a new academy dedicated to investigating mystical phenomena such as weeping statues, miraculous healings, and ghost sightings. The Pontifical Academy of the Unexplained aims to bring scientific rigor to the study of these supernatural occurrences.


The Vatican’s Pontifical Mariana International Academy (PAMI) has announced plans to investigate mystical phenomena worldwide, including weeping statues, stigmata, and ghost sightings, through a new dedicated observatory.

Holy See-backed Academy to Explore Mystical Global Events and phenomena

PAMI, a scientific institution of the Holy See, aims to uncover approximately one hundred ongoing phenomena in Italy alone, with a specialized observatory to evaluate and study apparitions and mystical occurrences across the globe.

Observatory to Examine Diverse Mystical Manifestations

The observatory will delve into a wide range of phenomena, such as ghost sightings, interior locutions, and stigmata, which some believers interpret as bodily marks or pains corresponding to Jesus Christ’s crucifixion wounds.

Mariologist Father Gian Matteo Roggio Discusses Italian Phenomena

Father Roggio, speaking at the launch of the Observatory Scientific Committee that will study mystical phenomena, noted that Italy is home to around one hundred ongoing phenomena closely monitored by the Church, many of which are local and do not garner widespread attention.


New Observatory Committee to Investigate Curious Cases

Starting its first session on Saturday, the observatory committee has been keeping a close eye on a peculiar case involving a weeping Mary statue in Trevignano, near Rome.

Previous Investigations into Weeping Virgin Mary Statues

This is not the first time church officials have probed weeping Virgin Mary statues. In the past, cases in New Mexico, Argentina, and Mexico have all sparked investigations and claims of miracles.

Creating a Larger Network for Probes

PAMI’s new observatory intends to introduce local scientific committees, aiming to establish a more extensive network for investigations. Father Stefano Cecchin explained that the observatory will activate national and international commissions to evaluate and study mystical phenomena, promoting training and research activities, as well as high-level consultancy services for local Churches and bishops.

Father Roggio on Increased Demand for Exorcisms During the Pandemic

In 2021, Father Roggio revealed that the demand for exorcisms had surged during the pandemic, with people feeling more vulnerable to the influence of evil forces. He spoke at a six-day international conference in Rome, which was attended by over 100 priests and bishops from around the world.


As the Vatican’s PAMI launches its new observatory to investigate mystical phenomena worldwide, curiosity and anticipation grow over the findings that may emerge from these unexplained events.

Written by Ivan Petricevic

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