A screenshot of the alleged video showing a UFO flying near the Moon. Image Credit: Twitter/ Maussan.

UFO Researcher Posts Video Showing “Massive” UFO Fly Across the Moon

A famous UFO researcher posted on his Twitter account a sensationalistic video showing a "massive" UFO near the Moon. The alleged footage was filmed using a super-zoom camera.


A famous Mexican UFO researcher shared on his Twitter account a video of what appears to be one of the clearest videos of an unidentified flying object. Jaime Mausssan is a Mexican journalist, restaurant owner, and UFOologist. He posted a video that shows a saucer-shaped object moving in front of the Moon. On Twitter, Jaime Maussan wrote, “Extraordinary evidence captured in China with a professional camera with a powerful zoom. In the video, we can see the movement of a ship in front of the Moon. This took place on September 29, 2022.”

A massive UFO?

It is extremely difficult to measure the size of the object. Nonetheless, the Mexican researchers wrote the “massive ship, shaped like a disc.” Maussan added that it likely measures approximately 54 kilometers in diameter. According to the Mexican paranormal researcher, who is known for sharing fraudulent footage on numerous occasions, this is extraordinary evidence of alien life. Maussan further explained that the video was allegedly filmed by a person who happened to have been observing the Moon and was in no way looking for UFOs. Maussan’s video was viewed more than 300,000 times on Twitter.

Hoaxsters and UFOs

The footage is certainly sensational and very interesting. Nonetheless, many people took to Twitter to voice their views about the footage Maussan claims is the real deal of alien life. Many Twitter followers joked about the alleged alien craft. Others voiced their concerns that the video footage was heavily edited. Regrettably, UFO hoaxes are very common. Faked UFO videos go viral quickly. Most people that create fake UFO videos do this in order to generate an income. But such videos harm the UFO community greatly. This is especially true today when the UFO subject has finally been taken seriously by scientists. I have previously written an article about how hoaxes can damage UFO research, so I will not be going into details in this piece. Anyone who wants to read my previous article can do so by clicking here.


Extraordinary evidence requires extraordinary proof. Regrettably, and despite the sensational video we have, this seems unlikely to be the proof we are looking for. Claims such as the object having a massive size of 54 kilometers in diameter is just one example of over-sensationalism. There is no data other than the video to approximate the size of the object. The object in this video is probably the result of post-processing, and hopefully, UFO skeptics will analyze this footage and provide answers.

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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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