2,400-Year-Old Solid Gold Bongs Used by Kings to Smoke ‘Cannabis’ Found by Experts

Different kinds of opiates have been used for millennia by ancient civilizations.

It doesn’t come as a surprise.

Hallucinogens have been used by numerous ancient cultures during religious ceremonies and people ‘traded’ drugs, thousands of years ago.

That’s why it isn’t much of a surprise when you hear that archaeologists have actually found two 2,400-year-old pure gold ‘bongs’ used by Aryan tribal Kings to smoke cannabis during ritual ceremonies.

Image Credit: Andrei Belinsky
Image Credit: Andrei Belinsky

The discovery was by archeologist excavating a site in Russia in order to make room for the placement of power lines.

The gold ‘bongs’ were excavated in addition to more than 7lbs of other golden artifacts that experts say belonged to the same culture. Archaeologists recovered golden cups, rings, and neck rings among the artifacts.

The culture who buried the artifacts made sure they would remain well protected. Archeologists report the precious items were found buried and concealed in a stone container covered by various layers of thick clay.

After recovering the item, lab tests were performed. Researchers analyzed a thick black residue inside the bongs.

Tests revealed that the residue comes from the use of cannabis and opium, and experts say the items were most likely used during hallucinogenic rituals.

This doesn’t come as a surprise. Archaeologists have made similar discoveries halfway around the world. In Peru for example, the Chavin Culture was among the first civilizations to use opiates and hallucinogenics during rituals and ceremonies.

Reports indicate that thousands of years ago, Chavin priests made used drugs to exert control over the population.

Decorative elements, as well as inscriptions, suggest the items once belonged to royal chiefs of the ancient Scythians.

The ancient Scythians were a nomadic warrior culture which ruled over large parts of the European continent as well as parts of Asia between the 9th and 4th centuries AD.

The items from Russia are currently considered the oldest-known golden ‘bongs’ in existence.

Evidence that the Scythians used drugs and hallucinogenics was corroborated by the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, who wrote that:

“Scythians used a plant to produce smoke that no Grecian vapor-bath can surpass which made them shout aloud.”

The dig also led to the discovery of golden cups, rings, and neck rings.

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